Sunday, May 28, 2006

Planes trains and automobiles

We got real ambitious on an overnight in Providence on Friday night, so me, my 2 fellow flight attendants (sam and erika who are AWESOMELY fun) and our first officer (co-pilot in lay terms) andhopped a cab to downtown, then hopped an Amtrak to Boston, and attended the Red Sox game against the Devil Rays.

It was raining when we got there, and we stood outside the box office wondering if we should buy tickets or not since we didn't want to get rained out and be out 20 bucks. So we sat...and sat...the lady at the window looked kind of mean and scary, and I told them I'd get her to smile, and I walked over and flirted with her (i did get her to smile) and it came decision was either go to the game that might rain out or go have a nice dinner in Boston...we flipped a coin..heads was game time and tails was dinner. It came up heads, we got tickets, and had a great time!

We only had standing room only, and we got kicked out of seats 5 different times, but we had a great time. Then we hopped a cab to the bus station and took the Bonanza bus back to Providence. We joked that we took every mode of transportation that day except for boats.

Anyways, I took some shots that came out pleasantly well, especially the one at the beginning of the blog. I dig that one.


BSC said...

Your avatar is SOOOOO Justin Timberlake! :)

The Juice said...

shut your mouth BC.

Crisanna :) said...

Are you sure about not finding PE OH TEE. You are such a good boy! I think it was my grandma you met on that flight! Bobby told me to read it and be sure!