Monday, May 08, 2006

She'll be rollin' down the mountain..

Boulder Falls, Boulder Colorado
On Sunday I got with a few friends of mine, one of which was visiting for the weekend, and headed up to Flagstaff, which is a scenic overlook of the city. It was a beautiful view. Unfortunately, me and Nate weren't satisfied with just a view. We decided to be a little mischevious. It started with small stones, then with larger rocks, then small boulders. At first it was just a contest to see if we could hit a certain spot, but it ended up seeing how far we could get them to roll down the hill.

then we found the log. I straigtened it up so it would roll right down the chute, and gave it a little push. the thing gathered some speed, hit a rock and was launched five feet in the air spinning at about 3000 RPMs, landed, and continued rolling. Me and Nate stopped, listenening to see how far it made it....but we could still hear it rolling....then, we were out of the reach of the sound of the log. But as we looked down the hill, about 200 feet down, giggling slightly to ourselves, we saw about four treetops buckle from the weight of the spinning log.

Half laughing hysterically and half scared that we may have done something really bad, we ran back up the hill, up to where patty and noelle were, and were scolded for what we had done.

It was well worth it.

In other news, I found a bed!!! I bought a queen size mattress and box spring from big lots for half was a deal and I couldn't pass it up.



kentbrantly said...

i hope there wasn't anybody downhill from you.

Brown Sugar said...

kents have much to learn about what activities are appropriate in the mountains......but i like to throw things off mountains too.....but my dad always got on to me for that.....i'm like, what are the odds someone would get hit....the odds are small enough for my taste

Anonymous said...

Dads have to blog in on moments like this. STOP IT!!!! before you hurt someone!
Now, here's my dad story. When I was in the boy scouts in junior high hiking along a cliff's edge, I asked my scout master if I could throw a discarded soda can into the ravine. He said sure. So I heaved it and we all watched as it bounced and crashed and land hundreds of feet below. Then the scout master looked at me and said, "now go get it." I learned a lesson and now you should too. Go get that log, son. put it back where you found it.


jhart said...

oh! Your pictures are making me miss Boulder! I wish we could have still lived there while you were there.