Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Darker Side

At the wedding I went to in Cincinnatti, my friend Chris looks at me and says:

"Jeremy, me and Dan have decided that we hate reading your blog. It's nothing but complaining about getting to go see all these baseball games and doing this and that."

On my last blog, Laura Gore commented, saying "you can quit trying to make us all jealous anytime now, jj. "

Today, Renae Moore says her mom can't read my blog because it makes her tired. I'm always doing something.

But boys and girls, let me explain to you, my life is not always so glamorous.

If you notice, a lot of the things I do are done by myself. A lot of it anyone can get out and do, but they usually wait for friends to go with them. I just don't wait.

Theres a saying in this business...well...ok i heard it once, but its something like this: You meet a lot of different people in this job, but in the end, you always go home alone.

And its so true. You have a great time on your trip with these new "friends" but the moment you step off the plane, is you and a world of people who don't have time to hang out. In july I've got tons of time myself. I'm off tue-fri, but people work and if I choose to do anything, It'll be by myself.

I miss all kinds of cool things: Backyard BBQ's, church get-togethers, weekend climbing trips with friends, tuesday night dinners, ultimate frisbee games, football games, etc. The small things that we all take for granted, I don't get to do. I'm lucky if I get to go to church.

Honestly it's hard to meet people. Everyone I meet on my journeys live across the country, and aren't exactly gonna drop anything and fly across the country to see you. I feel bad sometimes when I come home to Colorado and call people and expect them to do things with me. It's like I run off and leave them, and come home and expect them to drop everything and spend their time with me.

yeah so, anyway, you see there are a lot of drawbacks that come with my life, but this is the life I've chosen and it's the one I'll make the best of. Thats all. Buh bye. :) (SNL fans catch that joke????)


PS Ok I just remembered this story and I have to tell it. I was riding on the 4th jumpseat the other day (in uniform) and this girl, who is really cute, tells me that she left something at the ticket counter and its important and needs it. So we send someone looking for it and got her name in the process.

"Sasha Cohen"

For a second, my heart jumped a little.

"What??" I asked

"My name is Sasha Cohen."

Before I spit out the words "Will you marry me" I repeated the name back to her to make sure I had it right. (After all, she was very pretty and you know how people look different on TV)

"Noooo" she said. "It's Sashacon. thats my first name." (not sure i spelled that right, but whatever)

I laughed and told her i thought she said sasha cohen, as in the figure skater, and how my heart jumped a little when she said that. And we both laughed.

Anyways, thats my story. cya

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

At Last

Friday night I was able to do something I hadn't done in a month...go home.

I hit a bad stretch, where I picked up extra work at the end of may and the beginning of june, added to the fact that I got to go to a wedding in cincinnatti, and that made for a lot of time away from home.

But the great thing is that while I was in Colorado, I spent more time in the mountains than I did at home.

Saturday morning I met some old and new friends in Sarah and Lyndell (I grew up with Sarah, Lyndell I've known for about 3 years or so) who live in Fort Collins, and we headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park and spent the day hiking. I'd informed them that I've never seen an Elk, and apparently they had never been to Rocky Mountain NP before and never seen one. So after we hiked we spend an entire hour looking for no avail. Though we did have a false alarm in a large deer.

Probably the coolest part of this hike is when we found a bird called the Gray Jay. Sarah put some trail mix in her hand, and the bird came up, landed on her hand, and sat there and picked up the food until it was gone, then flew away and stored the food in its nest. It was really bizzare how friendly these birds were. I even put some mix on the bill of my hat, and it landed on my head and ate!!!

Sunday morning I went to church, where half of the people in our Young Professionals class I had never seen before (our group doesn't have many girls, but this sunday we were almost 50-50!) and I found out they were all here for the summer working with the dry bones ministry.

The spent the rest of Sunday working on my computer since my external hard drive crashed, which means I lost much of the music that I had.

Monday morning I went hiking again with Deanna, who is the youth group intern, up to a place called Crater Lake.

Both hikes were amazing and physically taxing, but completely worth it.


PS In March we boarded more domestic passengers than any other airline...which...i guess makes us the largest domestic airline!!!

Rounding out the top ten:

1. Southwest–8,980,441
2. American–6,972,227
3. Delta–6,031,931
4. United–5,101,403
5. Northwest–4,011,685
6. Continental–3,227,022
7. USAirways–3,020,889
8. America West–1,760,015
9. JetBlue–1,598,806
10. AirTran–1,791,103

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This past weekend I'd had the opportunity to travel to Cincinnati, OH to attend my Shiloh friend Marcus Ewing's wedding to another Shiloh pal Adrienne. Though I honestly don't know her maiden name. But congrats to them. These are some snaps from the weekend there. (Oh,and we went to louisville slugger in louisville and got marcus a personalized wooden bat...and then we all got one ourselves. I'm stoked about it.)

Some of you may not know this, actually most of you may not, but I'm not a huge fan of the traditional conservative churches. In a lot of aspects I just think they've got it all wrong in how they treat those that don't exactly adhere to the appropriate lifestyle that most Christians subscribe to and live...or at least attempt to live. But its more of a mindset that maybe we don't even realize that we have, but it surely affects our actions toward social outcasts. After recently visiting my friend BC's blog, I watched a banned video that really spoke to me about how I think church should be.

I had trouble embedding it, so check it out here.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Too Cool for School

Snoqualmie falls, Washington

I'd decided not to post this because I thought either you don't want to hear it, or you've heard it before from me. So I skipped it. But yesterday I had some time off so I went for a stroll in downtown Chicago and then went to a White Sox game, and it was too much to handle.

The best way to describe it is from a shirt that I saw not too long ago. It featured a cartoon mother fixing the collar of her young son, and the caption read:

"Now remember Bobby, only retards wear their collars up."

What we're referring to to here is the social phenomenon of stupid kids walking around like retards wearing the collar of their polo shirts straight up. Like this.

What an idiot. I don't buy the whole too cool thing. I mean I've complained about stuff like this before. Anyone remember when I blogged about people wearing their sunglasses inside and on gloomy days??? Well, I guess theres always the possibility that they have some sort of medical condition where they have to wear sunglasses all the time. But this whole collar phenomenon, this is ridiculous. Theres absolutely not reason for it except a REALLY pathetic attempt to look way coolor than the poor saps who are forced to wear their collars down.

I can sometimes skirt of the edge of understanding because we all did dumb things like this in high school. We all want to do whatever we had to do to associate ourselves with the cooler crowd. And somewhere along the line, in the past 2 or 3 years, some cool kid decided it would be awesome to wear the collar up.

And this is basically what they are doing. But when you grow up you really see how dumb it all is.

The REALLY pathetic part is when you see guys....wait...GROWN MEN, and even GROWN WOMEN, buying into the whole thing.

So yesterday while I was walking around I saw a plethora of retards, strolling along with their cool friends, inside of dark stores wearing their cool shades.

Or maybe its just me. Maybe I just despise being cool.

If so, so be it.


P.S. And for further proof of the fact that I don't buy into the whole "cool" thing, just take note of my SWEET all white work/hiking shoes on the picture at the beginning. Stylish.

Friday, June 02, 2006


The Ops agent steps on the plane before bording and informs us that she has one lady in a wheelchair who is being brought down by her sister, who wants to show us how to get her in and out of her wheelchair.

We deal with wheelchairs all the time, but normally we don't deal with getting them in and out of them. Thats usually up to skycaps.

"AAAlrighty" we told her.

A few seconds pass and an elderly lady, looking to be in her late 80s, arrives in a wheelchair. She looks pretty frail, and is hooked up to oxygen. We don't allow oxygen onboard, so her daughter is forced to take her off of it.

I'm slightly concerned about this, as I really don't want someone going into cardiac arrest or whatever on my plane. As she pulls the tubes off her nose, I hear the old lady start panting, saying "NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!"

Great. Just what we needed. I'm about to speak up, when her daughter looks at us and says "shes just kidding."

A thought occurs to me that this is an abusive daughter. One of those "sit down and shut up and quit whining" sort of people. Now I think we have a different issue on our hands.

Then I catch a glimpse of this lady's face, and sure enough, shes got this smirk on her face. She seriously was kidding. She was laughing about the whole thing. Some sense of humor. I just about bust out laughing right there. No, I take that back, I did bust out laughing right there.

The daughter then goes about lifting her out of her chair, making sure we see so we know how to do it when we get to reno.

The the lady starts shrieking "HELP! HELP! HELP!!!"

We know better by now. Shes up to her old antics.

Her name was Gloria. We get her settled in and we start chatting with her. She was AWESOME. So nice, chatty, and funny. During the entire boarding process i sat next to her and had a conversation. she talked about how she used to go to school in Boulder, Co, and she would take horseback rides into the mountains, then sit around a campfire with her friends and smoke peoti (sp???). she claims that they didn't know what it was at the time. (its a drug. I can't find it online cuz i can't spell it) Thats when Nicole, my friend and coworker, chimes in "was this just before the flight, or a long time ago??"

Gloria, without any delay, says it was just before the flight. She may be in her 80s, but the woman is sharp.

I spent most of the flight talking with her, and actually ended up inviting her to stay at my place in denver, and that I have a futon she can stay on. She replied with "can I bring a friend??"

We landed, I gave her an entire sack of peanuts to bring home to her grandkids, and I picked her up (it was more of her hanging on to you, and you doing a little dance with her and putting her in her wheelchair), she gave me a hug, told me what a nice flight she had, and she was on her way.

Forget the free flights. People like Gloria is the reason why I love my job.