Tuesday, June 20, 2006

At Last

Friday night I was able to do something I hadn't done in a month...go home.

I hit a bad stretch, where I picked up extra work at the end of may and the beginning of june, added to the fact that I got to go to a wedding in cincinnatti, and that made for a lot of time away from home.

But the great thing is that while I was in Colorado, I spent more time in the mountains than I did at home.

Saturday morning I met some old and new friends in Sarah and Lyndell (I grew up with Sarah, Lyndell I've known for about 3 years or so) who live in Fort Collins, and we headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park and spent the day hiking. I'd informed them that I've never seen an Elk, and apparently they had never been to Rocky Mountain NP before and never seen one. So after we hiked we spend an entire hour looking for them...to no avail. Though we did have a false alarm in a large deer.

Probably the coolest part of this hike is when we found a bird called the Gray Jay. Sarah put some trail mix in her hand, and the bird came up, landed on her hand, and sat there and picked up the food until it was gone, then flew away and stored the food in its nest. It was really bizzare how friendly these birds were. I even put some mix on the bill of my hat, and it landed on my head and ate!!!

Sunday morning I went to church, where half of the people in our Young Professionals class I had never seen before (our group doesn't have many girls, but this sunday we were almost 50-50!) and I found out they were all here for the summer working with the dry bones ministry.

The spent the rest of Sunday working on my computer since my external hard drive crashed, which means I lost much of the music that I had.

Monday morning I went hiking again with Deanna, who is the youth group intern, up to a place called Crater Lake.

Both hikes were amazing and physically taxing, but completely worth it.


PS In March we boarded more domestic passengers than any other airline...which...i guess makes us the largest domestic airline!!!

Rounding out the top ten:

1. Southwest–8,980,441
2. American–6,972,227
3. Delta–6,031,931
4. United–5,101,403
5. Northwest–4,011,685
6. Continental–3,227,022
7. USAirways–3,020,889
8. America West–1,760,015
9. JetBlue–1,598,806
10. AirTran–1,791,103


kenny said...

Great photos... but how the heck are you able to hike in a sweatshirt???

The Juice said...

I'm 125lbs. I don't retain my heat very well. :)

jk its just a long sleeve tshirt.

laura g said...

you can quit trying to make us all jealous anytime now, jj. how beautiful...

way to go, SW.

Anonymous said...

You were at RMNP about three days before we were. How did you miss seeing Elk? We saw so many that we didn't even react to them on the second day we were there. It was the Bighorn sheep we had the most trouble seeing. We didn't find them until right before we left on the third day. Looks like we did the same hike you did. From your pics I recognize Nymph Lake, Dream Lake, and Emerald Lake. If you are calling that a challenging hike, you are getting old and a long way from your Wilderness Trek experiences! :) RMNP is a beautiful place though isn't it. We had a blast. Eric & Angela Tooley