Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Darker Side

At the wedding I went to in Cincinnatti, my friend Chris looks at me and says:

"Jeremy, me and Dan have decided that we hate reading your blog. It's nothing but complaining about getting to go see all these baseball games and doing this and that."

On my last blog, Laura Gore commented, saying "you can quit trying to make us all jealous anytime now, jj. "

Today, Renae Moore says her mom can't read my blog because it makes her tired. I'm always doing something.

But boys and girls, let me explain to you, my life is not always so glamorous.

If you notice, a lot of the things I do are done by myself. A lot of it anyone can get out and do, but they usually wait for friends to go with them. I just don't wait.

Theres a saying in this business...well...ok i heard it once, but its something like this: You meet a lot of different people in this job, but in the end, you always go home alone.

And its so true. You have a great time on your trip with these new "friends" but the moment you step off the plane, is you and a world of people who don't have time to hang out. In july I've got tons of time myself. I'm off tue-fri, but people work and if I choose to do anything, It'll be by myself.

I miss all kinds of cool things: Backyard BBQ's, church get-togethers, weekend climbing trips with friends, tuesday night dinners, ultimate frisbee games, football games, etc. The small things that we all take for granted, I don't get to do. I'm lucky if I get to go to church.

Honestly it's hard to meet people. Everyone I meet on my journeys live across the country, and aren't exactly gonna drop anything and fly across the country to see you. I feel bad sometimes when I come home to Colorado and call people and expect them to do things with me. It's like I run off and leave them, and come home and expect them to drop everything and spend their time with me.

yeah so, anyway, you see there are a lot of drawbacks that come with my life, but this is the life I've chosen and it's the one I'll make the best of. Thats all. Buh bye. :) (SNL fans catch that joke????)


PS Ok I just remembered this story and I have to tell it. I was riding on the 4th jumpseat the other day (in uniform) and this girl, who is really cute, tells me that she left something at the ticket counter and its important and needs it. So we send someone looking for it and got her name in the process.

"Sasha Cohen"

For a second, my heart jumped a little.

"What??" I asked

"My name is Sasha Cohen."

Before I spit out the words "Will you marry me" I repeated the name back to her to make sure I had it right. (After all, she was very pretty and you know how people look different on TV)

"Noooo" she said. "It's Sashacon. thats my first name." (not sure i spelled that right, but whatever)

I laughed and told her i thought she said sasha cohen, as in the figure skater, and how my heart jumped a little when she said that. And we both laughed.

Anyways, thats my story. cya


laura g said...

don't underestimate your chances of meeting a long-distance girlfriend.

BSC said...

I've got an idea: start aking women home with you!

The Juice said...


no for real, was that sarcasm I heard?