Friday, June 02, 2006


The Ops agent steps on the plane before bording and informs us that she has one lady in a wheelchair who is being brought down by her sister, who wants to show us how to get her in and out of her wheelchair.

We deal with wheelchairs all the time, but normally we don't deal with getting them in and out of them. Thats usually up to skycaps.

"AAAlrighty" we told her.

A few seconds pass and an elderly lady, looking to be in her late 80s, arrives in a wheelchair. She looks pretty frail, and is hooked up to oxygen. We don't allow oxygen onboard, so her daughter is forced to take her off of it.

I'm slightly concerned about this, as I really don't want someone going into cardiac arrest or whatever on my plane. As she pulls the tubes off her nose, I hear the old lady start panting, saying "NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!"

Great. Just what we needed. I'm about to speak up, when her daughter looks at us and says "shes just kidding."

A thought occurs to me that this is an abusive daughter. One of those "sit down and shut up and quit whining" sort of people. Now I think we have a different issue on our hands.

Then I catch a glimpse of this lady's face, and sure enough, shes got this smirk on her face. She seriously was kidding. She was laughing about the whole thing. Some sense of humor. I just about bust out laughing right there. No, I take that back, I did bust out laughing right there.

The daughter then goes about lifting her out of her chair, making sure we see so we know how to do it when we get to reno.

The the lady starts shrieking "HELP! HELP! HELP!!!"

We know better by now. Shes up to her old antics.

Her name was Gloria. We get her settled in and we start chatting with her. She was AWESOME. So nice, chatty, and funny. During the entire boarding process i sat next to her and had a conversation. she talked about how she used to go to school in Boulder, Co, and she would take horseback rides into the mountains, then sit around a campfire with her friends and smoke peoti (sp???). she claims that they didn't know what it was at the time. (its a drug. I can't find it online cuz i can't spell it) Thats when Nicole, my friend and coworker, chimes in "was this just before the flight, or a long time ago??"

Gloria, without any delay, says it was just before the flight. She may be in her 80s, but the woman is sharp.

I spent most of the flight talking with her, and actually ended up inviting her to stay at my place in denver, and that I have a futon she can stay on. She replied with "can I bring a friend??"

We landed, I gave her an entire sack of peanuts to bring home to her grandkids, and I picked her up (it was more of her hanging on to you, and you doing a little dance with her and putting her in her wheelchair), she gave me a hug, told me what a nice flight she had, and she was on her way.

Forget the free flights. People like Gloria is the reason why I love my job.



JonGrubbs said...

Hey Baby, it P-E-Y-O-T-E. Here's the Wikipedia Link: Peyote.


Malaysian Debster said...

Sweet story, Juice! :)

Katie said...

That's outstanding! What a fun woman! And come on, you can make it to a spirit party... sept 13 in vegas baby... i'll see you there!

Anonymous said...

hey jeremy. just wanted to let you know that i had my first experience with Soutwest. I flew to Orlando last week to go to Disney World. The plane from Jackson to Orlando was from Chicago and i was hoping you would be on there! (i later found out you were actually in summit the day i left) just to let you know it was very nice. just a bad landing! but besides that..all good! hope your doing good! love, Hayley J.