Thursday, June 08, 2006

Too Cool for School

Snoqualmie falls, Washington

I'd decided not to post this because I thought either you don't want to hear it, or you've heard it before from me. So I skipped it. But yesterday I had some time off so I went for a stroll in downtown Chicago and then went to a White Sox game, and it was too much to handle.

The best way to describe it is from a shirt that I saw not too long ago. It featured a cartoon mother fixing the collar of her young son, and the caption read:

"Now remember Bobby, only retards wear their collars up."

What we're referring to to here is the social phenomenon of stupid kids walking around like retards wearing the collar of their polo shirts straight up. Like this.

What an idiot. I don't buy the whole too cool thing. I mean I've complained about stuff like this before. Anyone remember when I blogged about people wearing their sunglasses inside and on gloomy days??? Well, I guess theres always the possibility that they have some sort of medical condition where they have to wear sunglasses all the time. But this whole collar phenomenon, this is ridiculous. Theres absolutely not reason for it except a REALLY pathetic attempt to look way coolor than the poor saps who are forced to wear their collars down.

I can sometimes skirt of the edge of understanding because we all did dumb things like this in high school. We all want to do whatever we had to do to associate ourselves with the cooler crowd. And somewhere along the line, in the past 2 or 3 years, some cool kid decided it would be awesome to wear the collar up.

And this is basically what they are doing. But when you grow up you really see how dumb it all is.

The REALLY pathetic part is when you see guys....wait...GROWN MEN, and even GROWN WOMEN, buying into the whole thing.

So yesterday while I was walking around I saw a plethora of retards, strolling along with their cool friends, inside of dark stores wearing their cool shades.

Or maybe its just me. Maybe I just despise being cool.

If so, so be it.


P.S. And for further proof of the fact that I don't buy into the whole "cool" thing, just take note of my SWEET all white work/hiking shoes on the picture at the beginning. Stylish.


Malaysian Debster said...

You should change professions to modeling, Jeremy. :) Cool pic. And somehow I knew that you were eventually going to post this blog. It was really just a matter of time.

JonGrubbs said...

Dang man, I hate it too. About as much as I hate Abercrombie and Fitch stores. You don't have to greet me in your boxers to tell you think I should shop at your store. Get your dong out of my face! And don't get me started on the music volume. Listen to me, I sound like a grandpa. I don't care! Put on some clothes and for Jibby's sake turn your collar down.

Remember when Kriss Kross was cool, and so was turing all your clothes around? Yeah. Neither do I.

JonGrubbs said...

That last line was supposed to read:

Remember when Kriss Kross was cool, and so was TURNING all your clothes around? Yeah. Neither do I.

Tidmore said...

I to hate this phenomenon and have taken to walking up to people I know wearing their shirts like this (usually people who are at least 23 and should know better) and Saying "your collars messed up, let me fix it" and laying their collars back down.

The worst though is the people who wear like an undershirt, a t-shirt, and TWO polo shirts with both collars turned up. I want to walk over to the person and slap them in the face and see if it smacks some sense into them.

There's a girl in law school here, who wears this style with the multiple polos and I can't stand it. HIDEOUS!!!!
Thanks for tackeling a subject which effects us all.

The Juice said...

what??? 2 polo shirts? i've never seen this phenomenon. But if i ever do, said individual WILL be injured.

Jacque said...

I want the "Remember Bobby" shirt.

I saw someone with a hypercolor t-shirt again the other day. Now that trend WAS cool. A shirt that blinks a neon light when you sweat. Wow.

The Juice said...

here it is, kids.