Saturday, July 01, 2006

The AL is Dead to Me

MAN LAW: Man must have a firm and defendable stance on the designated hitter rule. Good Call.

In May of 2005 I wrote a post about how I had chosed to follow the Chicago White Sox now that I had moved to Chicago. I'm a devout NL guy, but I didn't necessarily hate the AL, so I thought it was ok that I make such a choice.

Well, things change in a year. I've recently decided that I hate all that is American League. The whole shabang. If any AL team plays an NL team, I will wholeheartedly root for the NL team even if it is the Cubs.

Ok I'll go ahead and say that part of this change of heart is the fact that my astros have recently lost 5 of 7 to the AL, and the entirety of the NL is getting completely ANNHIALATED by the AL. It's not sitting well.

Why do I hate the AL? They're cheaters. Ok, thats too harsh of a word since they do follow the rules of the League, but I will say the AL is built upon a lie, that its a bacteria to the game of baseball.

When the first baseball players got together in the 1800s to play the friendly game, the pitcher dug in the box and took the same kind of stuff he dished out. AL pitchers these days can throw at hitters and not be afraid of getting hit themselves. If this isn't sissyish, I don't know what is.

No no its ok *pansy* you had a rough inning. just sit here, put on your jacket, we'll get somebody else to work for you. Here, Derek Jeter will give you a manicure while you wait.

The DH first appeared in 1973 basically because American League fans all had ADD and wanted to see more scoring, and probably because AL managers were lazy. They basically abandoned the one thing that is the glue to all of baseball. History. It's really all we have. I say we get congress to disband the AL alltogether unless they give up the DH. (Hey, if they can get the wright amendment passed, I think we could make this happen)

And yeah, it gives the AL an advantage over the NL in interleague play. AL teams carry an extra big hitter while the NL carries an extra arm in the bullpen. Now tell me that doesn't make things slightly unfair. And especially in the world series when the AL gets home friend advantage, all of a sudden theres 4 games where the AL has Jim Thome as the DH while the astros put in Chris Burke. Don't get me wrong, I love Chris Burke, but it'd take 4 of him to trade for a Jim Thome.

And about AL managers: they don't do jack. They sit there, mouth off (guillen), fill in their lineup cards and sit back, relax, and watch their players play ball. Theres no strategy involved. NONE. Baseball IS strategy. And when you take that part out of it, its just a cheap form of entertainment where all you're interested in is big hitters, home runs, and scoring. AL fans think witnessing a no-hitter is a wasted ticket.

But bottom line is that the AL is a PLAUGE and needs to be dealt with. True that this season the AL has been pitching a lot better than the NL, but ditching the DH (or maybe just the entire American League) would even things up. (Yeh thats right Yankee fans, you guys can go too, we're better off)

I'm just glad that I moved to an NL town.

Go ahead AL fans. comment. argue with me. I welcome it.



Griswold said...

Looks like a lot of your friends are AL fans that are afraid to comment. I think the man law should be changed from "must have a stance" to "must be against the DH rule."

Anonymous said...

I am a season ticket holder for the Texas Rangers, an AL club.

You are correct about the AL pitchers needing to bat. You are correct that the NL game has a lot more strategy and for that reason is more entertaining to true basefall fans. You are correct that the AL needs to abandon the DH.

You do us AL fans a disservice that we don't enjoy a no-hitter. I remember when my Rangers signed a pitcher that your Astros discarded because he was past his prime. Nolan Ryan pitched two no-hitters for us and was the talk of the town. Still is. I watched him take a no-hitter into the 8th inning. We fans didn't want to see our Rangers at the plate. We wanted to them to hurry it up so we could see Nolan work his magic.

The mountain air is allowing your IQ to leak out with this statement about the AL being at an advantage in interleague games. In NL parks, AL pitchers have to bat and they don't any other time of the year. NL pitchers bat all season long. The AL must sit a big bat on the bench since usually the DH isn't a major position player. Advantage clearly NL.

In AL parks, the NL gets to sit their pitcher during their at-bats and put their best bench hitter in at DH. NL bench players are used to pinch hitting due to the strategy of the NL game. They may not be the big bat that is an AL DH but this is a far less disadvantage than the AL goes through at a NL park.

The advantage the AL has in interleague games is that their pitchers are more hearty. NL pitchers get an easy out every 9th batter. NL ballparks are more pitcher friendly. AL pitchers must learn to be successful without those advantages. So AL pithcers are going to an easier game in NL parks while NL pitchers go to a tougher game for pitchers in the AL.

I like your man rule about an opinion on the DH. Good call.

I'm going to see your Astros tonight against the Rangers. Just to rub it in, I saw all three Rangers-Astros games in Houston and I'll see two of three here in Dallas. Go Rangers!

Eric Tooley

The Future said...

I agree with the previous poster. Who cares who the guy at the end of the bench is... not only do the AL pitchers have to hit, which is not something they normally do, but the AL managers aren't as familar with messing with their lineup due to their pitcher batting. I would say this is an unfair advantage for the NL.

Face it- it's just a bad year for the NL. A lot of young teams like the Indians (who haven't played up to par) and Tigers are stepping up.

I looked back and the AL is ahead of the NL in WS wins since 1973 19-13, but it was pretty much tied until George started paying for his championships in NY.

The Future said...

And I'm with you - I've always been a total NL guy. Looking at those past WS, back to 1988... I've gone for the NL team 14 times and the AL team only 3.

I can't stand the DH... well, I don't mind it if both leagues played with it, but it doesn't make since that the MLB is all one league, but doesn't have the same rules. Weird. Don't know of any other sport like that.

BTW, I've always been NL, Western Conference, and AFC.

jch said...

It's hilarious to me that you barely give this mention: "True that this season the AL has been pitching a lot better than the NL..."

Isn't this amazing? The AL has that extra at bat that the NL doesn't have to deal with yet the AL is pitching much, much better.

It's not the extra at-bat the AL has that's beating up the NL, it's the incredible pitching.

Look, there isn't much to argue about here as it is what it is. It seems to me that your jealousy is getting the best of you, Jeremy. And you know what they say about jealousy...