Friday, July 14, 2006

Spilled Milk

Yesterday i had MAJOR plans to lay around all day, maybe run a few errands, must mostly do absolutely nothing.

But about those errands. Around 12:30pm I wandered outside to my car, only to...well..not find it at all.

Earl was gone.

My first instinct was the thought "well, maybe I parked it somewhere else." But the longer I stood there, the more I realize that I don't park it anywhere else. seriously. It was FOR REAL gone.

I didn't have my license number, so calling the police at this point was pointless. So I called my dad, who, and I quote, "Well Jeremy, that doesn't make any sense! Who would take a car like that??"

I dunno, but the bottom line was that the car was MIA. We eventually tracked down the VIN number, so I called the police. The lady looked it up, and told me that it had been impounded that morning b/c it was involved in a theft investigation.

Wow, huge sigh of relief from me. I figured they thought it was stolen, so to be safe and while they had the chance, they grabbed it and impounded it. Now all I had to do was get it. So she gave me the state police's number to call to get more info.

I called them, and the lady there looked it up in they're system and then took my address.

"Thats not the address they took it from."

Then it hit me. Somebody had stolen my car, taken it out to do who knows what, ditched it, then the police found it.

She told me that the officer who found it would call me when he got the chance.

So I waited around most of the day, with this vision of my car up on cinder blocks, no tires, and smoldering in ashes.

The officer finally calls me back, tells me that he found it on a dirt road in Bennett, CO (1 hr east of denver, I didn't have much gas in it so it probably ran out there). He then proceeded to tell me that there was A) No Radio B) No ignition switch and C) a shotgun sized hole in the undercarriage. (I'm still confused about this one.

Great. Poor earl was mugged.

"But" the officer continued "the good news is that your bike helmet is still there."

Nice. thanks a lot.

The next 24 hrs were dealt with getting the police hold off my car and getting it towed back into town (which the insurance company thankfully picked up, since it was 500 bucks).

So this afternoon before i left for work the tow truck arrived with Earl. he didn't look so bad considering all he'd been through, but the jerks had torn him up pretty good. Even wrote some kind of gang sign or something on the center console with a pen that I had in there. I forgot about the hole underneath so I didnt' look.

I've tried to keep a good attitude about this whole thing, since I do subscribe to the whole "no sense crying over spilled milk." I'm just dealing with it as best as I can.

But seriously, why can't people just leave other people's stuff alone?? And why my car?? If your gonna take a 94 accord with 195,000 miles on it, at least make good use of it. I'm not sure it's a good "joy ride" car.

My friends Nate and Patty took me out to eat last night and bought me a margarita. Most of the dinner I didn't even think about the whole incident. I was really grateful for that.

When I spoke to my mother, she said "Jeremy, its about time you come home. You've had enough of the big city!"

Maybe this is one of those "get a new car before it breaks down on you in a really inconvenient time" kind of signs. Thats what I'm gonna take it as. I guess its time to start lookin.'



Shea said...

Looks like you and Ricky Smith have something in common this week.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, You left out the laugh we got when we remembered how nobody stole my Tacoma because of the high mileage during Katrina. Anyway, mom and I are really mouning Earl. He was a great car. Have you given any thought to what will replace him or do you think he may be salvagable? We're boiling shrimp tonight and relaxing on the back porch. Hope you're relaxing a bit tonight too.
Talk to you soon.

laura jo said...

Jenny's car was named Earl, too... so, uh, talk about stealing...

LoriLoo310 said...

Wow, that's so awful!

But now the really important question is: was that a watermelon flavored margarita?

Brown Sugar said...

it's really'd rather see your car go of old age...but to be kidnapped and abused is a shame.....makes you wish the theives drugs were stolen while they were out with your car. was your little buffalo still there? you still have it?

Travis & Jeri Tidmore said...

My car was stolen in high school once. My friend's dad chased the thieves down the street (on foot) and the idiots actually pulled over and got out and started running. Personally, I thought they had a better chance getting away in the vehicle...but, whatever.


laura g said...

my honda's catalytic converter had sympathy pains for earl that week. personally, i like to leave the significant hail damage on mine as insurance against theft.

Jacque said...

now that's just sad.