Sunday, July 09, 2006

Time Off..and missed time

Ok so check this out, some of you may not appreciate this, but what we have here is me sitting at a stop light in Colorado. In front of me, on the right is a Dodge Viper and on the left is an Aston Martin Vantage. (Rarely seen) Both cool seen alone, but together at the same stoplight? Amazing. And even better, when the light turned green, they raced!

Man, I havn't had internet access for quite a while since I've actually had time to spend at home, where I don't have internet. So it looks like I missed quite a bit of arguing about the last post. (I did, however, get a phone call from a friend who threatened to comment and say "who freaking cares!!!")

But while I was away I did think about some of my arguments. And after getting to read some of the comments, I came up with some thoughts...

-Maybe AL pitchers face tougher hitters and tougher lineups due to the DH, and therefore when they face NL lineups that..well...don't hit well without an extra David Ortiz hanging around in the lineup, well its easy for them.

-Maybe DH ball is flat out superior to NL ball, but IN NO WAY DOES THIS MAKE IT A BETTER GAME.

-I have no clue as to why AL pitchers can magically hit when they get the chance. I heard a comment by an NL player saying that maybe they are more focused since they never get to do it.

-Mostly I'm bitter because the FAKE AL teams are beating up on my NL teams. It's like someone burning Cooperstown to the ground. Tragic.

OK for real moving on. I have another sappy plane story. Theres a little girl..lets say shes 3...sitting towards the front in an aisle seat. Shes sitting next to her parents..lets call them..BRIAN AND LESLIE...we'll even give them a FICTIONAL last name of Miller...and shes a happy child sitting there enjoying her toys.

We speak a few words to each other..words that i don't remember, but really no extended interaction.

So I'm going about my duties, and about halfway through the flight, I walk past her and she stops me, looks at me, and says "what are you doing??" ( you have to act this out with a little childs voice)

I look at her and tell her that I'm getting people drinks and things..whatever they want!! She kind of stares up at me like a little child does, and I look back at her and ask her

"well, do YOU want anything???'

she looks up at me, smiles, and extends both her arms up at me, indicating that she just wants a hug.

So I laugh, bend down, and give her a big hug, then go get her all kinds of goodies like playing cards and what not.

Kind of made my day.



Brown Sugar said...

i do miss a good hug jeremy...please come to dallas

Brian Miller said...

Hilarious! Talked to you parents, did you?

jch said...

Weird. I was going to comment and say that I know actual people named "Brian and Leslie Miller" from my college days back at A&M. They hosted a Bible study at their house that I attended. And then, lo and behold, Leslie Miller comments on your blog and then I follow her link to her husband's blog who writes that they spent the 4th with your pops. Small freakin' world!

BTW, I can't wait to see how badly the AL whips up on the NL in the All Star game!

Brian Miller said...

Hi Joe,
We talked about that small world thing with the Jacksons in LA. We were telling them that we know you and read your blog and had seen Jeremy's comments on your blog....
Hello to you too Jeremy....


The Future said...

Wow... so you can create any fictional names and then all of a sudden, those fictional people read and respond to your blog!!


Malaysian Debster said...

We want our hugs too!!! :(

kenny said...

As someone who DOES appreciate the two vehicles in the photo, I'm not very happy about the fact that you tell us that they raced at the green light but you don't say which won!?!? Driving me nutz!

Brown Sugar said...


The Juice said...

haha. yes, i did speak to my parents and they said that you guys read my blog, so I thought I would partake in some name dropping. awesome that you guys know Joe. Thats hilarious.

Zach, well, i guess they do just appear. Pretty cool, eh?

about the cars, there were no squeeling of tires so they didn't go ALL out, but they sure did take of dang fast. But the Viper beat it out in the end.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, You're hillarious. and it's funny that mom and I were just talking about Vipers racing. And Brian and Leslie, if you're still out there, we really enjoyed your visit. Next time we'll sail longer. and Jeremy, We're glad you weren't on the subway in Chi town today. Take care.

Tidmore said...

I did tell you that my boss has a Viper, Black Mamba Limited Edition, and my co-worker has a 98 Viper, didn't I?
They are both pretty sweet, and I've got to ride in my bosses, It's AMAZING!!!!!