Sunday, August 13, 2006

August 12 of 12.

12 of 12!!! For those of you who don't know, its 12 pictures on the 12th of each month. Heres August!!!

This is the best of the lot. Tells the whole story. It's early, I need coffee, and those who got up before me turned the pot off. I had to warm it up.

With a 7:30 check-in, breakfast is done on the first leg to Buffalo.

Descent into Buffalo- Lake Erie

Buffalo to Salt Lake City VIA Chicago. This guessed it. The SLC.

View from my hotel room. Theres more of these to come.

This is in SLC. I dunno. Wierd.

Look!!!!......At What??????

Our F.O. puttin' on the chapstick after dinner.

Evening winding down. Beds lookin' comfy.

It's BEDTIME!! yup, that does say 9:02pm

Don't let the sun go down on me. OFF TO NEW ORLEANS!

Feel free to check out Prophecy's 12 of 12 and "Whatever you Shea's" 12 of 12. Links are on the right.



Katie said...

i love the 12 of 12 idea! I'm sad i missed it for august, but could be all over that for sept!

The Future said...

Another exciting day in the SLC! Why that's a Southwest stop, you got me...

New Orleans for home or for work?

Nice sunset.


The Future said...

Hey, you need to send a link of your 12 of 12 to the guy who started it... he will put it on the list.

LoriLoo310 said...

I'm so sad we missed you while you were in town. Brandon needs to learn to answer his phone. Next time you'll have you call me instead of him.

Shea said...

Great Pics JJ. Thanks for participating. My fav is the buffalo to salt lake city via chicago.

Also, I realized tonight that I've been living in LA too long when I read the sentence under one of your pics that said "this is in SLC. I dunno. Weird."....and I didn't even notice the statue. My eyes saw the Hilton sign and thought to myself, "yeah that is weird...a Hilton in SLC."

Bonnie said...

So cool! That's a great 12 of 12!

Cheers from a fellow 12er,


The Future said...

I remember back in the day you didn't need coffee... hot cocoa would suit you just fine.

Anonymous said... cocoa. That just made your mom smile. But it wasn't really hot, you know. It was "luke," microwaved at precicely 12 less.

laura g said...

isn't that photo of your bed with the covers all turned down a little seductive?

first hot cocoa, now coffee, next thing we know...