Saturday, August 19, 2006

But what does it MEAN???

We all watch the weather. Some more than others. But during it we get all this terminology thrown at us that we sit and nod at, pretending that we know what it all means. Sometimes I'm skeptical that weathermen don't even know what it means, that some computer just spits out information and they tell us what it is.

But for real, what does it all mean???

More specifically, the other day I was watching the news when ol' trusty weatherman tells me that dew point for the day. I know what dew is. I know what a point is. But I got no idea what the dew point is. I couldn't even make an educated guess.

So I decided to find out what other people thought of this dew point. I was just starting a 3 day trip, so whenever I thought about it, I would ask those around if they knew what the dew point was.

Of all those who I asked, only 1 person who what it was...and it was only because he's a pilot and he's supposed to know it.

So I'm curious as to how many people, without the aid of the internet or formal training (i.e. weathermen or pilots, JOE SCHMO) knows what the dew point actually means. Anyone?



Anonymous said...

Hi nephew,
I guess because
A) I am a weather channel junky (and yes, we weather junky HATES “storm stories” and “it could happen tomorrow” but that’s a different story).
B) Helping my daughters study for science test when they were in the 8th grade …
I am aware of what a dew point is.
It is the temperature point where dew forms. Another interesting thing about dew point, if the dew point is , let’s say 78 degrees, then the temperature will not go below that point….. Because if it did fall below 78 degrees, the relative humidity would be more than 100 percent and that can never happen…. The only way the temperature could fall below “X” degree is for the dew point temperature to change…..
Uncle Don

Brown Sugar said...

what he said

Jennifer said...

I know what dew point means (and I knew before I read the first comment). Although, I didn't know as much Uncle Don. I am actually surprised that only 1 person you asked knew. How many people did you ask?

kenny said...

I didn't know until I read Uncle Don's post. I'm sure I learned in 8th grade too, but have since forgotten.

Katie said...

I don't know uncle don, but he said it much more eloquently than I could. My guess was that was the temperature that dew would form, but since it's been 105 here for the last two months, my grass hasn't seen a drop of dew since March!

Anonymous said...

I'm supposed to know what dew point is because its important to sailors ... to know when and where fog is likely to form. It forms when the dew point and the tempreture are the same or close to one degree of each other, but I constantly have to look it up.
Dad (brother to Uncle Don)