Friday, September 08, 2006

Day 6: Time to Relax! Kind of

We slept in. We had comfy...bunk beds? so we decided that our bodies deserved a nice rest. Once again I woke up first, headed over to the kitchen, and had breakfast. (After about 15 mins of deliberation, I could not come up with what I had for breakfast. But I decided you didn't care.)

Dearing stumbled out of her slumber, we packed up, and after a pit stop in the town of Seaside for a gift for Brock and Natasha, headed back up to Cannon Beach. There was a park there called Ecola State Park that we wanted to explore.

Driving through the wooded forest, we paid our toll and enjoyed a beautiful view of the foggy beach and the rocks.

Up on the hill, we spotted another beach towards the north where surfers were a plenty. We hopped back in Fuggie and headed that direction. It was a short drive through another densly wooded forest, and we had found surfers paradise.

I wanted to hike, and D wanted some alone time, so we split. I headed up a trail that had been explored by Lewis and Clark. There were markers along the way that explained what Lewis and Clark had seen. This one was my favorite.

If you can't read it, this is what it says:

"...the grandest and most pleasing prospect my eyes ever surveyed." William Clarks journal, January 8, 1806

I couldn't agree more. And thats saying a lot coming from a man that travelled through Montana Idaho and Washington.

I'd like to point out that that was written 175 years to the day before I was born.

The hike was difficult, I won't lie, but it was serene and had the feel of a caribbean island, though the pictures may say otherwise.

Arriving back from my hike I met up with Dearing and it was time for the trek down Hwy 101 down to Corvallis.

The drive was nice and relaxing, for the most part. We past HOSSES, I mean COUPLE HOSSES riding their bikes up the steep terrain while carrying luggage on the wheels and in a cart behind the bike. Amazing to say the least. We passed scenic overlooks and quaint little towns.

Then we hit Tillamook. It started out like any other coastal town, then we began to pass a rather large warehouse with a rather large number of people outside of it. Both our heads slowly turned in the direction of the monstrosity, and we both thought "WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT?"

It was Tillamook Cheese, thats what. Havn't heard of it? yeah, me neither. But cmon, we had to stop. I'll admit I didn't want to, but D wasn't being turned away.

What we found was Disneyland, except cheese. You could buy cheese, fudge, ice cream, and take a tour of the cheese making process. There must have been 2,000 people there, 75% of which were in line for ice cream. We were slightly in a hurry, so we grabbed some packages of chedder cheese, Truscuits, inquired about the absurdness of the whole thing to the cashier, and skeedaddled.

We began to get frustrated. We were exhausted of being in the car, there was traffic on the 101, we were exhausted of being in the car, we were running out of cds to play in Fuggie, and we were exhausted of being in the car.

FINALLY arriving in Corvallis, we got to Brock and Natasha's.

If you are confused about who these people are, they are friends of D and mine from ACU. They were married in college, and had their first child Madison right before we all graduated. They now live in Corvallis where they met and grew up, and now have a second child Alex.

We immediately packed up the kids and us in the SWEET minivan (it plays music while the sliding doors close..automatically!), much to Brock's shagrin. We were going to a church BBQ (oregon style, with barbequed tofu and all...jk)

We went swimming with the kids and got ketchup and mustard all over ourselves just like them. We ate too much food and too much desert. Good times had by all.

Afterwards, we headed back to the house, where Brock and I ditched the women (all 4 of them) and headed to the grocery to pick up his favorite wine, ice cream, and to blockbuster to pick up The Goonies.

We ended the evening with our tummies filled with ice cream, watching The Goonies, sipping on wine, and poking natasha to stay up and watch the movie. it was nice to be on a nice comfy couch, and I'm sure D was enjoying the king sized inflatable mattress. Needless to say, it wasn't long before we were all fast asleep.

Next up: The last day (i'm sure you're all cheering to get me off this topic), more fun with brock and natasha, and Portland!


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