Thursday, September 14, 2006

Time Change Goofah

I'm just posting this literally because I have absolutely nothing else to do. I live in a world of time changes and if your not on top of things, this could happen to you.

It's 5:37am exactly, central time. you see, we have a thing called "Lobby Time" guessed the time we are supposed to meet in the lobby to go to the airport. More accurately, its the time that our shuttle leaves. Lobby time is always written down on the door key sleeve.

Our lobby time this morning was 5:30, so at 5:15 I was down in the lobby and ready to go. As the time neared, I decided to pull out the sleeve, only to see that lobby time was 5:30...CENTRAL TIME. And since I'm on the ole Long Island, I'm in eastern time. I still have another hour. Since our headquarters are in Dallas, the airline runs on central time ALWAYS,(sometimes called Herb Time, after one of and the most popular founder, Herb Kelleher) but when I'm at the hotel I run on local time. Sometimes crews decide to jot the lobby time down in central. I was not notified of the decision.

Oops. Better early than late.

PS New York folks, I FOR REAL almost took the LIRR into town, but there just wasn't enough time



tjandholly said...

Jeremy, I don't think I could make it as a flight attendant. I'm horrible with time changes. Still don't get daylight savings time.

hr said...

That LIRR trip is a beast. Can't blame you!

Anonymous said...

Well Jeremy,
Tomorrow (9-19-06)you are gonna be known as Uncle Jeremy. I hope you will have pictures posted on this site ASAP.
Uncle Don
(soon to be Great-Uncle Don)

The Future said...

Where's the update? It's been 5 days. I'm about to take you off my list.