Friday, September 29, 2006

Yosemite National Park

4 am wake-up calls

4 days without a shower

40 mile bike ride.

All just to bring you this post. Monday I returned from our 3 day extravaganza with Grubbs, Zach and Adam in Yosemite National Park in California. The weather was amazing. The views were stunning. And we didn't kill each other.

When I got back from Colorado my computer was having issues with randomly shutting down. I got on the internet to see what was going on, and lo and behold, its an epedemic sweeping the Macbook community. So I rode my bike, with computer in backback, all the way downtown to the apple store to get it repaired. And 40 miles later, my legs are still worn out. But it assisted in bringing this post to you. I'll be posting a lot of pictures, so keep scrolling and enjoy!

If you would like a more detailed account, please visit Grubbs' blog. And for even more pics check out The Prophecy.

Mariposa Grove: Home of the Giant Sequoias

Sunrise Over Half-Dome at Glacier Point

Yosemite Valley Floor

Tuolumne Meadows: A Dip in Lake Elizabeth..err...FREEZING Lake Elizabeth

Yes, that is my frozen underwear

Tuolumne Meadows: From Meadows to Desert

Drive Home: Starry California Night



JonGrubbs said...

Love the John Muir quote! It really hits home. That place was like going where man is supposed to be. Peace.

laura g said...

awesome. the best is the one looking up at you with the tree stretching up behind you.

and yeah, i love that quote. funny how it sounds like it could have been said yesterday, considering our societal craziness now. but it was in 1898, for crying out loud!

kelly said...

wow! i am so jealous! houston and i have always wanted to head up that way, via arizona and utah, but we never quite got around to it...(we do get to explore the british isles now, so i can't really complain!)

great photos!

Katie said...

those star pictures are some of my favorites! looks like a great time!