Saturday, October 28, 2006

Back to Paradise

I've waited for this day for a long time now. I knew it was coming, one day, and today was it.

The crew I work with is a crap shoot. It all depends on who gets the trip on their original line, who decided to keep said trip, and who had the quickest fingers when that trip dropped into "open time."

Recently, through this crap shoot, I've worked with an all-guy crew about 3 times in the past 2 months. Its slightly rare, but it happens.

So my current trip happens to be. And as we arrived in Albaquerque, our current pilots were finished for the day, while we had 1 more over to Tuscan. And who gets on board to replace those pilots? 2 Females.

A complete role reversal. 2 female pilots and 3 male flight attendants. It was a sight.

Anyways, I wanted to point out one of my favorite blogs: Jonathan Grubbs. He's currently recounting our adventure through Yosemite, and its awesome. It takes me right to when it happened. I just wanted to point everyone over in that direction to check it out. It's very well done, so It's worth the read. And it incorporates the best photos of the trip, instead of just my lame ones. It's written in 4 parts:

The Journey Northward

Of Sunrises and Cliffs of Insanity

Of vistas, clear water, and frozen underwear

Journey's End

Don't miss out!!


Thursday, October 26, 2006

you did what?

This morning I woke up to 4 inches or 5 or something of snow. I love this. So does drake.

Question: Why is there NEVER a channel 1? No matter where you go, channel 1 is snowy. In sports, everybody wants number 1, so why aren't stations fighting over channel 1??

So anyways Drake and I tore through the snow to the eye doctor. I've been wearing my glasses for almost 2 weeks now and I'm over it, even though everyone has said I look good and older in glasses. But I don't like it.

After sitting through the 1st and 2nd waiting rooms, my doctor came in to see me. I really like my new eye doctor, we laugh about stuff and talk about skiing and snowshoeing and other outdoor activities.

But anywho, she took a look at my eyes to see if there was any bacteria left. she looks in the left one (her left), then onto the right, when she says "have you ever been hit in the eye??

I said "well, lets see, where do I start..."

The one time my brother hit me in my right eye, tearing my cornea...or do you mean the time I fell into my basketball teammates knee, ripping the skin underneath the eye into a fountain of blood, or maybe it was the time a softball took a bad hop, hit my eye, rendering me unconcious and with a fractured orbital?? oh, and lets not forget the time Beth (Wright) Nicholls served a raquetball into my eye.

She was stunned. She had seen the scarring from the torn cornea, and thats why she asked.

"So you play racquetball with goggles now, right?" she asked.

"I DON'T play racquetball any longer."

She went again for another look. Apparently I'm some kind of anomaly. She says I'm very lucky.

Very same thing the head doctor said when i got my orbital crushed. I was very lucky to see.

Anyways, in the end I can wear my contacts again.


Friday, October 20, 2006

I literally LOOK LIKE HELL

Heres an interesting nugget of information:

For the first time EVER, I gave the clerk at the bank a HIGH FIVE.

"YOUR ACCOUNTS NOT IN THE RED! SWEET! HIGH FIVE!" (not exactly how it happened, but it was cool. Specially since it was a female.

The past two weeks I've had an issue with the whites of my eyes being red. It wasn't pink eye, since it didn't itch.

The first thing I did was take my contacts out. It didn't get better. I bought some "Red Eyes", and it helped a little. I awoke 2 days later, and it looked pretty good. I popped my contacts back in (since I HATE wearing my glasses...sometimes I have nightmares), and in 2 hours they were red again.


Glasses went back on.

After my trip, I got back home to Denver, and I put my contacts back in. 4 days they looked fine. I went back to work, and sure as shootin' they turned red again. Again I put the glasses back on, at this point considering maybe I should see a doctor.

I wore my glasses the majority of the trip, except for instances where they looked ok and AGAIN I put my contacts back in only to see them return to the firey satan red they were before.

Back in Denver, with my contacts in, I was in the grocery store when I noticed blurriness in my right eye. Getting back home, I looked in the mirror to see them GROTESQULY red.

Enough is enough.

I awoke the next morning, wednesday morning, and called the eye doctor. I had yet to see one in Denver, so it was a crap shoot.

Me: "Hi, I was wondering if you had any availabilities for an appointment either today or tomorrow. My eyes have been red and I thought I should get it checked out."

Them: "OK sir, let me see..don't have anything for today...maybe long have your eyes been red?"

Me: "About 2 weeks."

Them: "Ok, doesn't look like we have anything tomorrow..maybe you wear contacts? Have you noticed any blurriness?"

Me: "I took my contacts out, I've put in new ones, and my right eye was blurry yesterday. But its still red."

Them: "Ok, ...hold on a minute."

(Holding music....lalalla...alalalala)

Them: "ok sir, you should come in RIGHT NOW."

At this point I sorta freaked out. I seriously started considering what would happen, what I would do, if I went blind, or maybe they wouldn't let me fly anymore.

But I showed up at the office, and after a flurry of questions, they took a look at them, and she instantly declared "Infectious Kilatitis." Some sort of ...stuff..on my eye. Luckily its easily treatable, only I can't wear my contacts for a week and a half and I have to dialiate my eyes for 3 days.

Of course thats the best case scenario. shes assuming its a bacterial infection, but if its viral, it could be 4-6 weeks.

But for now its bacterial.

The dialation prevented me from leaving the apartment the better part of those days, and also prevented me from taking DRAKE (yes, thats his name. thanks adam.) into the mountains and the 3-5 inches of snow (depends which part of the city) to deliver you some pictures. it also prevented me from reading or doing my model, since I can't see a darn thing up close.

But the dialation is currently over, my eyes look TONS better, and I'm going back to work. And if anyone is in need of a good dialation I've got plenty of eyedrops to spare.


ps: sorry, i've been corrected. its actually infectious keratitis. She wrote it down for me, but I lost it. :) Thanks kent, for correcting me.

Friday, October 13, 2006

What a day for 12 of 12!!

So heres my October 12 of 12, which is, for those of you who are ignorant on the matter, 12 pictures on the 12th of each month.

It just happened to be on this 12th that I bought a new car.

2006 Subaru Forester. I drove off the lot with 30 miles on it. I won't comment on how much I paid for it cuz I might get a lot of unwanted comments, and maybe I did leave money on the table had I been a punk about it, but I thought the offer fair.

I will say that since this is the BY FAR the largest puchase I've ever made, I definitely had to step outside for fresh air before I signed. I told the sales guy that I needed to step outside, and he got all paranoid about what I was doing, and I was like "no, for real, I just need fresh air. give me a minute."

But they were very nice since it took two of them to drive 30 mins with me up to my apartment, through traffic, to deliver me and my borrowed car. I was greatly appreciative.

Anyways, I'll tell you a tidbit about the car itself, its dark blue, all wheel drive (its what makes a subaru, a subaru) its kind of like a mini-SUV, and gets great gas milage. Perfect all-mountain machine. Plus the fact that Subaru's don't lose much value in Colorado. Seriously. Ok so here are the pics and some others from the day.

P.S. I'm still looking for a good name..and I like to name my car guy names, cuz I like to think of us more of buds than...lovers.

Breakfast of champions before the deal: Cherios

I'll take it!

There he is

And Again

And Again

One more time

I call this "God's Fireworks"

How I'm spending my free time: Building a model Pirate Ship (Miss you Laura!!)

I Happy

Patty and the Cats

uh, dunno



Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Fall Chill...and never before heard topic from ME

Flew home last night to 30 degree temps and rain. We had a chance of snow in Denver last night, up to 2 inches, but it never happened.


I'm purchasing a ski pass that gives me unlimited skiing at Keystone, Breckendridge, and A-Basin, plus 10 days at Beaver Creek and Vail. (not to mention half off at heavenly).

I can't wait.

Couple that with the all wheel drive vehicle I hope to be purchasing this week or next week, and.....It's too early to get that worked up.

Ok folks brace yourselves. I'm not sure I ever really promised to NEVER touch on this subject, I'm not sure I did, but as I've grown and matured I've developed OPINIONS and I intend to share them. I'm short winded so this shouldn't take long.

POLITICS. My father used to demand that I vote, but I never wanted to because I didn't CARE. I had no opinions, and I wasn't about to vote for a certain person just because my parents told me to. If I was to vote, it was going to be for someone that I truly wanted to vote for.

I attempted to vote in the Presidential elections 2 years ago, unfortunately, I sent in my absentee vote too late.

Through my travels and ...what not, I've started to form my own opinions. Before I moved to Colorado, my brother warned me to not become granola. (for those of you slang illiterate, Granola is defined by the Urban Dictionary as

"An adjective used to describe people who are environmentally aware (flower child, tree-hugger), open-minded, left-winged, socially aware and active, queer or queer-positive, anti-oppressive/discrimin atory (racial, sexual, gender, class, age, etc.) with an organic and natural emphasis on living, who will usually refrain from consuming or using anything containing animals and animal by-products (for health and/or environmental reasons), as well as limit consumption of what he or she does consume, as granola people are usually concerned about wasting resources."

As I'm not quite Granola, I'm definitely a Tree Hugger. (My friend Laura H. describes me as "her little tree hugger." Shes from texas, so relative to her, everybody is a tree hugger.) But I still like Meat and I live in a modern home, but I try to stay on trails when hiking, I'm not a "meadow stomper" (thanks dearing), and I'm concerned about the welfare of our environment. I'm kind of stuck in the middle.

But back to Politics. I don't understand why we all follow the rules of the two party system. Both sides have good points, and both sides have "what on earth..." points. Just the fact that Bush has to question the rules of torture set out in the Geneva Convention, which pretty much tells you he's gone to far, is a good example of a "what on earth.." points.

I don't think I'm being revolutionary here, but they only choose to stand on one side or the other because of votes. Thats it. It's all about the votes. And from my experiences (all WHOPPING 25 years of them) I've learned that pretty much across the board, any extreme is bad. We've all heard "everything in moderation." You can eat Mcdonalds and you'll be fine, but eating it 3 times a day for 6 months WILL KILL YOU. Isn't MARRIAGE all about compromise? Meeting in the middle to actually SOLVE problems? I feel like this whole two party system just ends up with us voting one side in, having them for 1 or 2 years, realizing that something crazy is going on, and then we vote the other side back in. Its a vicious cycle.

Maybe I'm showing my Political Immaturity here, and if so please feel free to comment, but wheres my middle guy? I would like a different choice. And I guess those are the little "independents" who never get any votes, but they don't get any votes because they don't make these passionate speeches about critical issues where they rile up this legion of supporters where voters start making decisions on ONE issue.

But anyways, maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about, but there it is.

I list myself as MODERATE.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's Baaaack!

Yes, this is a sports post. In the past, a lot of you complain, saying that you don’t care and whatever (after I heard that I really just ignored the rest of what you were saying) but here I am posting about it again, and guess what…I don’t care.

It’s that time of year again. October baseball. Nothing revs my sports engine more. You start focusing in on every pitch, of every game. Anyone can beat anybody. Let’s be honest, how often is the Super Bowl exciting? Now think about how often a World Series is exciting. Seems like every single year. Last year every game was decided within 1 or 2 runs.(I have no internet at the moment, I can’t actually confirm that.) Even though the AL seems to beat us every year, I’m still up there rootin’ against them.

I love the new Tommy Lasorda commercials, convincing every fan of non-playoff teams that there’s still more baseball to see. If you’re a Red Sox fan, its time to root against the Yankees. (To the TV!!!)

Heres some other sports notes I’d like to pass along:

-Bobby Abreu, Randy Johnson, Carlos Guillen, and Craig Monroe, all have something in common besides playing in the ALDS…. they are ALL former Astros, Abreu and Guillen products of the farm system.

-I’m super proud of the comeback display showed by the Astros. Almost made ANOTHER historic comeback. And as one writer put it, every playoff team was thinking the same thing: If the Astros make it in, it won’t be good for business. (Noting the fearsome rotation of Clemens, Petitte, and Oswalt)

-Derek Jeter is a freak of nature. I respect the skills, but I still can’t stand him. Give him the MVP. Ortiz, try playing a position.

-Here’s a list of my top 10 most hated sports organizations (hated by me, not by general public):

1. New York Yankees
2. Auburn Tigers (Don’t ask me why, but they instill this rage inside of me…I think it has something to do with the war eagle, that has nothing to do with the Tiger, and the students that go there, especially the guys, who ALL have the EXACT same haircut.)
3. Texas Longhorns
4. Nebraska Cornhuskers
5. Boston Red Sox
6. St Louis Rams
7. USC Trojans
8. Atlanta Braves
9. Chicago Cubs
10. L.A. Lakers (They would be higher, but I refuse to give the NBA the time of day)