Saturday, October 28, 2006

Back to Paradise

I've waited for this day for a long time now. I knew it was coming, one day, and today was it.

The crew I work with is a crap shoot. It all depends on who gets the trip on their original line, who decided to keep said trip, and who had the quickest fingers when that trip dropped into "open time."

Recently, through this crap shoot, I've worked with an all-guy crew about 3 times in the past 2 months. Its slightly rare, but it happens.

So my current trip happens to be. And as we arrived in Albaquerque, our current pilots were finished for the day, while we had 1 more over to Tuscan. And who gets on board to replace those pilots? 2 Females.

A complete role reversal. 2 female pilots and 3 male flight attendants. It was a sight.

Anyways, I wanted to point out one of my favorite blogs: Jonathan Grubbs. He's currently recounting our adventure through Yosemite, and its awesome. It takes me right to when it happened. I just wanted to point everyone over in that direction to check it out. It's very well done, so It's worth the read. And it incorporates the best photos of the trip, instead of just my lame ones. It's written in 4 parts:

The Journey Northward

Of Sunrises and Cliffs of Insanity

Of vistas, clear water, and frozen underwear

Journey's End

Don't miss out!!



JonGrubbs said...

Thanks for the shoutout, buddy! I appreciate it. Don't sluff off the awesomeness of your photos, either! They are amazing! Felt good to get all that out of my system. Of course, I'll NEVER shake that trip out of my mind. Finally I can get back to what's important: BikerFox and funny YouTubes...

laura g said...

jeremiah, i almost forgot to tell you - when i flew to dallas on my way to abilene last weekend, i basically met YOU on the plane. i make my way to my seat, wondering why my seat is third from the back row when there are 65 empty seats in front of me, and i make a comment to the flight attendant guy who was hanging out back there about how freezing cold it was inside the plane. (im telling ya, it was the coldest plane ive ever been in.) he replied with something clever and it hit me - he was you. he was your height, with blonde hair, and a big smile. he was from houma, la. he was salivating over a vehicle he was about to buy. he loved the outdoors. he started telling me about odd passenger stories, and i told him i had a friend who is a flight attendant and when i said who you work for, he laughed and said you would have better stories because "the lower the ticket price, the stranger the customer."

The Juice said...

whoa..bizzare...i wonder if i'm scizo or something. maybe it was me.

kelly said...

do you get to spend much time in albuquerque? i grew up there, you know...i could give you lots of cool tips on fun stuff to do.


Anonymous said...

I knew there had to be female pilots out there somewhere. good story.