Friday, October 20, 2006

I literally LOOK LIKE HELL

Heres an interesting nugget of information:

For the first time EVER, I gave the clerk at the bank a HIGH FIVE.

"YOUR ACCOUNTS NOT IN THE RED! SWEET! HIGH FIVE!" (not exactly how it happened, but it was cool. Specially since it was a female.

The past two weeks I've had an issue with the whites of my eyes being red. It wasn't pink eye, since it didn't itch.

The first thing I did was take my contacts out. It didn't get better. I bought some "Red Eyes", and it helped a little. I awoke 2 days later, and it looked pretty good. I popped my contacts back in (since I HATE wearing my glasses...sometimes I have nightmares), and in 2 hours they were red again.


Glasses went back on.

After my trip, I got back home to Denver, and I put my contacts back in. 4 days they looked fine. I went back to work, and sure as shootin' they turned red again. Again I put the glasses back on, at this point considering maybe I should see a doctor.

I wore my glasses the majority of the trip, except for instances where they looked ok and AGAIN I put my contacts back in only to see them return to the firey satan red they were before.

Back in Denver, with my contacts in, I was in the grocery store when I noticed blurriness in my right eye. Getting back home, I looked in the mirror to see them GROTESQULY red.

Enough is enough.

I awoke the next morning, wednesday morning, and called the eye doctor. I had yet to see one in Denver, so it was a crap shoot.

Me: "Hi, I was wondering if you had any availabilities for an appointment either today or tomorrow. My eyes have been red and I thought I should get it checked out."

Them: "OK sir, let me see..don't have anything for today...maybe long have your eyes been red?"

Me: "About 2 weeks."

Them: "Ok, doesn't look like we have anything tomorrow..maybe you wear contacts? Have you noticed any blurriness?"

Me: "I took my contacts out, I've put in new ones, and my right eye was blurry yesterday. But its still red."

Them: "Ok, ...hold on a minute."

(Holding music....lalalla...alalalala)

Them: "ok sir, you should come in RIGHT NOW."

At this point I sorta freaked out. I seriously started considering what would happen, what I would do, if I went blind, or maybe they wouldn't let me fly anymore.

But I showed up at the office, and after a flurry of questions, they took a look at them, and she instantly declared "Infectious Kilatitis." Some sort of ...stuff..on my eye. Luckily its easily treatable, only I can't wear my contacts for a week and a half and I have to dialiate my eyes for 3 days.

Of course thats the best case scenario. shes assuming its a bacterial infection, but if its viral, it could be 4-6 weeks.

But for now its bacterial.

The dialation prevented me from leaving the apartment the better part of those days, and also prevented me from taking DRAKE (yes, thats his name. thanks adam.) into the mountains and the 3-5 inches of snow (depends which part of the city) to deliver you some pictures. it also prevented me from reading or doing my model, since I can't see a darn thing up close.

But the dialation is currently over, my eyes look TONS better, and I'm going back to work. And if anyone is in need of a good dialation I've got plenty of eyedrops to spare.


ps: sorry, i've been corrected. its actually infectious keratitis. She wrote it down for me, but I lost it. :) Thanks kent, for correcting me.


kenny said...

glad you're feeling better. I hate it when my eyes are dilated. Such a weird feeling.

laura g said...

does this mean we can say whatever we want about you on your blog comments and you can't see to read them?

chechck said...

I had that one time! It was dreadful. Glad you're better. Call me up next time you are in Chicago. I'm here for only two more weeks! (This is Cherie, by the way)