Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's Baaaack!

Yes, this is a sports post. In the past, a lot of you complain, saying that you don’t care and whatever (after I heard that I really just ignored the rest of what you were saying) but here I am posting about it again, and guess what…I don’t care.

It’s that time of year again. October baseball. Nothing revs my sports engine more. You start focusing in on every pitch, of every game. Anyone can beat anybody. Let’s be honest, how often is the Super Bowl exciting? Now think about how often a World Series is exciting. Seems like every single year. Last year every game was decided within 1 or 2 runs.(I have no internet at the moment, I can’t actually confirm that.) Even though the AL seems to beat us every year, I’m still up there rootin’ against them.

I love the new Tommy Lasorda commercials, convincing every fan of non-playoff teams that there’s still more baseball to see. If you’re a Red Sox fan, its time to root against the Yankees. (To the TV!!!)

Heres some other sports notes I’d like to pass along:

-Bobby Abreu, Randy Johnson, Carlos Guillen, and Craig Monroe, all have something in common besides playing in the ALDS…. they are ALL former Astros, Abreu and Guillen products of the farm system.

-I’m super proud of the comeback display showed by the Astros. Almost made ANOTHER historic comeback. And as one writer put it, every playoff team was thinking the same thing: If the Astros make it in, it won’t be good for business. (Noting the fearsome rotation of Clemens, Petitte, and Oswalt)

-Derek Jeter is a freak of nature. I respect the skills, but I still can’t stand him. Give him the MVP. Ortiz, try playing a position.

-Here’s a list of my top 10 most hated sports organizations (hated by me, not by general public):

1. New York Yankees
2. Auburn Tigers (Don’t ask me why, but they instill this rage inside of me…I think it has something to do with the war eagle, that has nothing to do with the Tiger, and the students that go there, especially the guys, who ALL have the EXACT same haircut.)
3. Texas Longhorns
4. Nebraska Cornhuskers
5. Boston Red Sox
6. St Louis Rams
7. USC Trojans
8. Atlanta Braves
9. Chicago Cubs
10. L.A. Lakers (They would be higher, but I refuse to give the NBA the time of day)



Elizabeth Lang Pritchard said...

jeremy, unfortunatley i am having serious doubts about our friendship since 2 1/2 of my teams on your hate list. do explain the hatred for the st. louis rams? hope all is well. love, liz

jch said...

I'm very proud that in spite of your beef with Jeter you can still respect the man's skills. Impressive, Jeremy. After all, he is a freakin' machine! M-V-P!

A couple of my most hated sports orgs:

1) Texas Tech - fans are idiots. They throw tortillas on the field, for goodness sakes!
2) Texas Longhorns - Can't stand 'em.
3) Boston Red Sox - Does it even need an explanation?
4) LSU - they threw beer bottles at me once. Rude fans!
5) The NHL - Is hockey for real? Please!

Kelli said...

I agree, especially with the part about the NBA, and the Texas Longhorns. I hate those guys! Hope you're doing great!

Casey said...

My heart is heavy with all the hatred expressed here-in for my beloved Longhorns. Joe, I know why you hate them--because you know we will destroy you--but why the rest of you? Don't hate. Congratulate.

laura g said...

ah, the good ol' days of skipping class for ACU baseball games... and thanks to you, i got a set of 8 black plastic cups out of it.

The Juice said...

laura, hey i have no idea where my cups went.when i come back can i borrow a couple?

Houston said...

do you hate the ted turner braves or the braves that are owned by AOL? One is ok, the other is fighting words. At least you are not a rangers fan, so you have the ability to make a relevant comment about sports.

laura g said...

sure, jeremy. it will be the perfect time to make a TRADE FOR THE CD YOU STOLE.

The Future said...

Do you just hate teams that win ( or used to win)?
It's all a cycle. Eventually the Red Sox are going to be an underdog and you'll be ALL OVER their bandwagon.
(And I understand that you like to profess hatred towards all symbols of TX dominance... it's ok. We'll still love you because we know you love us deep down.)
You know you love to hear from me ~ Melissa