Friday, October 13, 2006

What a day for 12 of 12!!

So heres my October 12 of 12, which is, for those of you who are ignorant on the matter, 12 pictures on the 12th of each month.

It just happened to be on this 12th that I bought a new car.

2006 Subaru Forester. I drove off the lot with 30 miles on it. I won't comment on how much I paid for it cuz I might get a lot of unwanted comments, and maybe I did leave money on the table had I been a punk about it, but I thought the offer fair.

I will say that since this is the BY FAR the largest puchase I've ever made, I definitely had to step outside for fresh air before I signed. I told the sales guy that I needed to step outside, and he got all paranoid about what I was doing, and I was like "no, for real, I just need fresh air. give me a minute."

But they were very nice since it took two of them to drive 30 mins with me up to my apartment, through traffic, to deliver me and my borrowed car. I was greatly appreciative.

Anyways, I'll tell you a tidbit about the car itself, its dark blue, all wheel drive (its what makes a subaru, a subaru) its kind of like a mini-SUV, and gets great gas milage. Perfect all-mountain machine. Plus the fact that Subaru's don't lose much value in Colorado. Seriously. Ok so here are the pics and some others from the day.

P.S. I'm still looking for a good name..and I like to name my car guy names, cuz I like to think of us more of buds than...lovers.

Breakfast of champions before the deal: Cherios

I'll take it!

There he is

And Again

And Again

One more time

I call this "God's Fireworks"

How I'm spending my free time: Building a model Pirate Ship (Miss you Laura!!)

I Happy

Patty and the Cats

uh, dunno




laura g said...

a model PIRATE SHIP? marry me now.

Shea said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing...

Ummm car names... how bout short stack... I dunno

kelly said...

well, whenever i name a car, i like to incorporate the model somehow. for example, my ford ranger that i took to college with me was appropriately named, walker, texas ranger.
i also named my mountain bike the flash because i ride super fast (or at least i pretend to.)

maybe you could name your car in forest gump, since it is a subaru forester.

Malaysian Debster said...

Cool ride! So happy that you made the purchase. We've been sort of nervous for you too! Josue is thinking of guy names for your car, so we'll get back to you on this one later.

kentbrantly said...

congrats on the largest single debt you've ever signed your name to. it looks like a nice one :-)
i agree with kelly, though maybe you should just go with forest, simply because "gump" sounds really close to "dump" or might get changed to "gumpy" or "grump" or something of that nature.

Brown Sugar said...

awesome seriously

and his name is brutus...or the blue moose...or gus....or theodore....or drake the pillager

The Juice said...

hmm..i actually kind of like drake the pillager..

The Future said...

Sorry- congrats on the station wagon.

I bet it runs well in the hills though, so I won't say another bad thing about it. I'm looking forward to meeting Drake.

Decent gas milage, pretty good reviews on, and if you paid less than $22,000 base + extras, you're doing okay. Now Estrada needs to pimp your ride out!

JonGrubbs said...

I dub thee...


Now, hear me out. The "Meadow" part is a tad bit girlish, I know, but then you swing down hard with the testosterone on "stomper." It's the best of both worlds! An asexual name for all! Or you could just name it Pat. I do like Drake The Pillager also.

How about, Drake The Blue Moose Pillager!

The Future said...

I'm surprised Adam even mentioned the blue moose. he knows more than anyone that that name is already taken.

I like meadow stomper!! awesome name.

Brown Sugar said...

i'm sorry zach....i thought about asking for permission first...but's been like 6 years...i don't think we own the rights to that name anymore.....but even though Drake was actually the name of a Pillager type person, i'm not the biggest fan of drake (even though i thought of it)....maybe just "The Pillager"....or maybe the "The Meadow Pillager"....or even "Stomp[er], The Pillager"...of course it can get too long to say for short, it could be S.T.P....but not to be confused with a brand of fuel system cleaner...or coming close to STD which is totally way off base