Thursday, November 16, 2006

All the same

First I'd like to begin with an encounter I had on the plane today. I was flying into birmingham, when i spotted a lady with an Auburn tigers handbag. Of course I couldn't lay off, so I brought it up and ragged on her a little bit. It ended up being a little skirmish between her, me, another tiger fan, and a virginia tech hokie fan.

I questioned the auburn fan about the "war eagle" because i didn't think it made any sense to me, considering that their mascot is the Tiger. He told me that it was all in the history.

Him: if you read the history of auburn, it makes complete sense.

Me: I don't wanna read the history. why don't you just tell me?

Him: No, you need to read the history.

Me: Why waste my time when you can sit here and tell me right now?

Hokie fan to me: Just read it. It's a COLORING BOOK. IT TAKES 5 MINUTES.

I died laughing.

Anyways, while at dinner this evening, I was speaking to my friend Chris Ewing about what I wanted to write about my next blog. I wanted to talk about how no matter how much I try to be different, theres always going to be somone out there thats just like me. And its been an epidemic lately. Seems like everybody has told me that they've met someone lately who looks and acts like me.

Honestly it doesn't make me feel very special.

So as i waited at the entrance of the restaurant for chris to get his stuff together to leave, I noticed a group of people looking at me. At first I was confused about why they were acting so, then I realized it: I looked just like the guy they were sitting with. How embarrassing. I had to get out as soon as possible.

It didn't make me feel very good (until I heard one of the girls say "no, its not bad, he's cute")

But my friend laura met a guy, another flight attendant, that looks like me, enjoys the same things as me, apparently theres a guy in chicago who works for us that "is my twin." Theres been a couple of other times in the last 3 weeks involving different people but essentially saying the same thing.

But seriously, I've done a lot of things in my life to be different. I've always wanted to do things differently from the moment I was born. Actually, before that, considering I was 2 weeks late. I pushed my trycicle with my feet instead of pedaling it. I just didn't want to do things like other people. I grew up in Louisiana but all I wanted to do was head to the mountains. And now that I'm there surrounded by other people who just want to be in the mountains, I wanna go when nobody else is there.

I'm holding my breath until we start flying to Montana, where nobody is.

There are BILLIONS of people in the world, SOMEONE is like you. Maybe not EXACTLY like you, but close enough to make you shudder slightly.

It's like the goth people who want to be different but in the end just creating another group of ALIKE people.

I can't imagine what its like to actually have a twin. maybe you go through this at an early age. it's just wierd to come to a realization that there are so many people out there like you. I know the Bible says we are all unique. But how unique are we really?



LoriLoo310 said...

I've never had anyone tell me they know someone in real life who looks and/or acts like me. But many times I've had people tell me I look or act like characters on TV shows or movies: Bree on Desperate Housewives (look and act) or Monica on Friends (just act). Hmmmm, maybe I ought to consider being less uptight and neurotic.

laura g said...

now jeremy, i bet that guy i met didnt like model aircrafts... or blueberry biscuits... or let creatures grow in his bathtub. see? you ARE unique.

Anonymous said...

i say embrace it--if there are others out there who look/act like you enought that you could be mistaken for them, then it's like you're getting twice the work done or having twice the amount of fun!

I met one of my best friends at ACU and on the first night we talked in the lobby of gardner our conversation was like this:

me: "I like to ____ "

her: "me too"

her: "One time, I said yada yada yada"

me: "Me too"

we look alike, we liked the same things, people ask us all the time if we're sisters. It's great! I say embrace it!

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't try so hard to be different. Just be me, you're different.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the Seinfeild episode where Elaine finds another group that has a Kramer, Jerry & George-like character (only better than the real Kramer, Jerry & George).

In my book, Jeremy, they can imitate - but they can't duplicate ya.

Bobby Hulett

The Future said...

I'm gonna laugh when all the other Jeremy look-a-likes move to Montana also!