Monday, November 06, 2006


As most of you know, I recently bought a new car. I've noticed since it has snowed that the windshield washers don't work. Not the wipers, but the little widgets that spray the water. I pull back on the control handle on the steering wheel, and the wipers go nuts, but nothing in the way of water.

So after a couple weeks, I set up an appointment with the dealership and I pull Drake into the garage. I tell the guy whats going on, he sits in the drivers seat, and immediately gets them to work.

He then shows me that there is a button on the end of the handle that makes the water squirt out.


I'm not sure I'd ever felt so dumb in my life.


Zach came for a quick visit this weekend, heres just a couple of shots from our short hiking excursion in which we blazed our own trail through the snow, ended up having to go down a steep the snow..and then fording a frozen, but not frozen enough, river.


Dav said...

That is most excellent. I can't wait for the snow to get to Baltimore. Soon, hopefully.

The Future said...

Thanks for the great time! Yeah, it felt great out there, aside from my left arm, lips, and 2 teeth that became numb!

And, yes, that is BEN JONES!!!

BSC said...

You need to bring Zerg to Utahr. Been too long.