Thursday, November 30, 2006

Heres to the Sweatshirt

First a short funny story:
A couple posts ago I used the word "Foray" to describe Me and my car, Drake the Pillager, and our trip into the mountains. My friend commented on my use of the word, and as neither of us knew EXACTLY what it meant, I decided to look it up in the dictionary. After the definition, it listed alternative words. And there it was..."Pillage." I couldn't have used it more correctly if I wanted to.

I had dinner with a friend the other day, when she looked at me and said "Jeremy, I knew you'd be wearing that sweatshirt."

So I stopped, pondered, and realized that I do wear that sweatshirt a bit much. In fact, its the only "tweener" that I have. If its anywhere between 60 and 30, or even if i'm a little chilly indoors, then the sweatshirt goes on.

Hes been good to me. But I guess when other people, who live in an entirely different city, notice that you where the same thing all the time, then maybe its kind of a problem. So I bought a new "tweener" which should be awaiting me when I get home. So I decided to browse through my pictures and find all the pictures with me and the sweatshirt. Kind of an ode.

and i know theres a lot more out there. These are only those that were taken of me with my camera.

He even kept Zach warm after he fell into the lake in Yosemite



Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy. I just wanted to post because when I was reading this I knew what sweatshirt you were talking about before I even looked at the pictures. I actually laughed out loud. (And the fam. had to come read! they laughed too!) anyways..missed you at Thanksgiving. Cant wait to see you and your brother,ashley, and of course sweet baby AUSTIN at Christmas!! Love ya. Hayley

Tidmore said...

I, too, knew exactly what Sweatshirt you were speaking off, how long have you had that thing?
But at least it's a nice looking sweatshirt!

Anonymous said...

I guaran-damn-tee you that GAP hoodie I'm wearing in that picture of us on the beach is in at least 15 pictures from various times on your hard drive. I've had that thing since sophomore year. In fact, God's honest truth, I'm wearing it now.

The Juice said...

funny thing is, honestly, I got it almost exactly 1 year ago. 1 year!!

grubbsy i'm gonna dig up those photos when i get home.

laura g said...



Hey Juice,

I spotted the Colorado shirt and
flashed back about 60 years. I put two winters in training at Camp Hale, near Leadville. At 9,500 ft
we found out the meaning of Cold!

Anonymous said...

TJ & I both knew just what shirt you were talking about! Maybe we've just seen it on your blog, as we haven't shared a town since Abilene!