Thursday, November 23, 2006

skiing and music just don't mix

ok i know i JUST posted, and I highly suggest reading the next post cuz its brand new, but I found something out that everyone...ok, just most people, shoud know:

Last spring I went up to Winter park with my friend kevin hacket. I was almost asleep in the van ride up when my ipod locked up. it was making an awful grinding noise, like the needle of the hard drive scratching the drive itself. sounded awful.

I couldn't get the thing to work again until I got back from skiing. Havn't had a problem since.

Until I went to Breckenridge to ski. I got off the chair lift, plopped down in the snow, and pulled out my ipod. I figured since I was skiing by myself, I'd jam to music as I went down. Again, the scratching noise came back, and the ipod locked up. dag.

It was just as well, since skiing without hearing isn't the best idea in the first place. But other people had ipods, whats wrong with mine??

Just a few minutes ago I got the idea that maybe its the altitude. Both resorts are quite high. So I googled it, and "voila!" it was the altitude. Apparently theres a maximum operating altitude of 10,000 feet. (look under "environmental requirements)" Both resorts were at that or more.

The techincal answer is that the needle of the hard drive hovers above the hard drive without actually touching it. But when the air gets too thin, the needle comes in contact with it and obviously fails to operate, possibly even damages it. Luckily, the latter of the two didnt' occur and it still works fine.

How come other people were using they're ipod's at 11,000 feet? because they were using either ipod nano's or shuffles, which are all Flashed Based. Theres no moving parts. Once you go to a 30Gig or 60Gig, you're buying a hard drive with the moving needles.

its just good to know that if i'm gonna endanger myself by skiing in colorado by listening to music, I'm gonna have to buy a flash based mp3 player to do it.




Dav said...

Fascinating. I'll remember that when I ski... unless I forget. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

J-Wild said...

Wow, Jeremy what a great post. Very interesting, I will file it away in my "cocktail chatter" to be pulled out at a time that will make me look smart. Don't worry I will link back to you!