Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Whoopin'

I got to take Drake up for his first real foray into the mountains on my way up to ski. The drive was pretty uneventful.

Though my first chance to use my unlimited ski pass at Breckenridge was nice. Its great to have easy access to such world class resorts that when I was younger was always the "Big winter trip." Now its just a short drive up the road.

Towards the end of the day I decided that I was ready to take myself and my snowboard up into the air. I landed a couple, but I ended up just bruising my shoulder...and a little of my confidence.

After driving all the way back to Denver (1 1/2 hrs) I drove up to Ft Collins (another hour) to visit my childhood friends Sarah and Renae, their respective husbands, and their parents Martin (Marty, my old Preacher who still holds the honor of preaching the single greatest sermon EVER) and Denise.

After a fabulous, and I mean INCREDIBLE dinner involving stuffing balls, ham and...other stuff, we sat down at the table to play a friendly card game.

I honestly can't remember what the name of the game, but its basically a game of speed on CRACK. And it was a game that Denise was quite adept at. I take that back. She DOMINATED.

Put it this win the game when you get to 100....and at the end Denise had 100, I had -3. No, the negative mark is not a typo. Marty said that the object of the game is to not get embarassed.

I took my embarassment like a man. well...a man prone to violence.

Heres a couple of photos of the evening:

Preparing for Battle

I was obviously not happy after the "queen bee" destroyed me...yet again. I don't lose well. But she didn't take that hit well, either.

After we made up


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laura g said...

aww, hi renae and fam!

jeremy, just how many adoptive families do you HAVE?