Friday, December 08, 2006

Blossom of Lights

In my whatever semblance of a social life that I have in my home of Denver, Colorado, I joined 2 of my best friends there, Deanna and Jenny for a Christmas celebration. During the holidays The Denver Botanical Gardens strings all of their horticulture (kent, yes I did look that up in the dictionary to make sure I had it right) with twinkly little lights. It was a chilly evening, so we bundled up, ate at the "burger stand" for dinner, grabbed some hot Latte's, and started along the illuminated path.

The lady at the entrance informed us that if we spent 2 bucks on 3d glasses, all the street lights and head lights will look like snowmen or snowflakes. Shes sounded like she'd been sitting out in the cold a little too long, so we ignored her, and moved along.

A little later a gentleman let us peer through his 3D glasses, and it was amazing what we saw. Seriously, you should have heard Deanna scream.

I'll let the pics tell you the rest of the story. You won't be able to miss the pics through the 3D glasses.



Dee said...

Um so those lights are pretty much amazing. And who is that cute girl looking through those glasses? I want to meet her. She looks like a lot of fun!

Travis & Jeri Tidmore said...

the fourth picture from the bottom is sort of terrifying. You look a bit maniacle.


The Juice said...

i know right! i thought i was some kind of war indian.

laura g said...

look, everyone - he has traded THE sweatshirt for a rudolph nose.

Travis & Jeri Tidmore said...

Seriously, that picture kills me. It is terrifying, yet joyful at the same time. Is that possible?