Saturday, December 16, 2006

Greediness consumes

Before I start, I'd like to say that its borderline offensive when a Texan claims to be part of the south. Sure, its geographically southern, but so is Arizona.

Back in 1971 3 guys got together and decided to form an airline that ran between Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. They called it SOUTHWEST. I see the SOUTH as LA, GA, AL, AR, TN, SC, and NC. (maybe VA, but thats pushing it) Florida is NOT a southern state. It's like a younger brother of NY. Southerners don't wear cowboy hats. We don't ride horses (not as a lifestyle, anyway). We run around barefood, chew on grass, and ride rafts down rivers. You can't be barefoot in Texas because the dry, dead grass with stab right through your heel.

Moving on...

How long will we be so DAD GUM greedy? How many of us want to move out of the city, have our own 10 acres of land? When I drive up through the mountains, through the wilderness, I really wonder how long its going to all last.

I just finished reading a book on Lewis and Clark, and their account of the land they were passing through was amazing: Buffalo as far as the eye could see, elk, wild animals everywhere. Now they are all pushed up into the mountains because of the spread of human society. it's all because of our greediness for wealth and land. And now land has become so valuable that farmers who GROW OUR FOOD can't afford the land. Those who do have land sell out and sell it off to rich land prospectors who turn it into apartment complexes or malls.

I don't mean to hate on my parents, but recently our home in Louisiana, which previously had been surrounded by woods, has now been built up and we have more neighbors than we ever wanted. But seriously, whats so wrong with living next to someone?

If it were up to me, we'd all live in these dense cities, with public railway systems that we'd all take. No, you woudln't have a yard and a white picket fence, but whats so wrong with going to the local park and throwing the baseball around? Why ya gotta gave a backyard to do that? I'd leave the rest of the land to farmers and recreation: skiing, hiking, camping, etc.

Not that it would ever happen, because we're all so dad-gum greedy...

Sometimes I think Laura gore is right when she says i was born in the wrong century.

Next up: There IS something cool in Omaha!



Dee said...

I would just like to say that as a Texan I don't wear a cowboy hat and I hate horses. I do think it is hilarious when people really think we are all like that though.

The Juice said...

I never said you all did..but its a part of your cultural DO have the dallas cowboys.

Anonymous said...

augg.... you realize you left mississippi out of your list of southern states.... (BTY you were born in Mississippi, you know)
anyway, hope to see you at Christmas.
Uncle Don

laura g said...


Shea said...

"You can't be barefoot in Texas because the dry, dead grass with stab right through your heel."
Please tell me you've been somewhere other than Abilene in the state of Texas... this description is disappointing...