Thursday, December 28, 2006


Wednesday morning I woke up to snow. It wasn't much. I had a turn that I had to work on Thursday, so my plan to was to catch a later flight on wednesday night. So when I looked out my window and saw just a dusting on my car, I didn't think anything of it.

I went to the living room to turn on the local news. As I fixed my coffee, I overheard on the news that United had cancelled every flight after 12. Uh oh.

Deanna's car is somewhere in this picture

I hurried up, packed my stuff, checked the bus and flight schedule, and figured that if I hurried, I might be able to get on a 2:20 flight out to Chicago. But would the airport close down? Dressed and ready to go, I didn't know what to do. Without the internet I didn't have updates as to what Southwest was planning to do. But i knew it couldnt be too different from United.

So I called my friend Don, my father, and a couple others to see what my options were. As a commuter, theres a policy in place to protect us in case we can't get to work. I realized this was going to be one of those occassions.

Realizing that work wasn't to be, I undressed, put on regular clothes, jumped in my car, and drove to my friends house in Golden, CO. I figured if I were to be stranded by a blizzard, it wasn't going to be alone. I was headed to my friend Deanna's house.

My failed attempt at a snow angel

Golden welcomes you to a wintry wonderland

Deanna knee deep

At this point, it was a flat out snowstorm. Trucks were putting chains on, 2-wheel drive cars were spinning out, and Drake and I just puttered along the highways onto Golden. I arrived safely, met Deanna, and we settled in for the long-haul with hot tea, a fire, and Elf.

Soon after, our friend Adam called and he decided to join us. The evening was coming together. Deanna and I ran out to the store to get things to make cookies (Drake still plowing on through) and returned to meet Adam at the house. We spent most of the evening watching old episodes of Lost, and heading out to the neighborhood hill to try our hand at tubing.

While tubing, Adam and I noticed a guy stuck in his station wagon. We helped him out, then watched as he slid one way, then the other, then the other way again, all the way down the road.

The house we spent the blizzard in

Even with 4 wheel drive, I was staying in for the evening. I called scheduling and informed them that I wasn't going to make it for my turn the next day. They pulled it from my schedule, per commuter policy. The airport was shut down, and would be until friday.

We headed back, finished watching some Lost, had pancakes and hard cider ale for dinner, and fell asleep next to the fire.

Thursday morning, still snowing. At this point it was really piling up. After an hour of digging out Adams truck, we drove to the grocery store and picked up items for breakfast and lunch. The store was surprisingly busy. We met some of Deanna's friends who were snowshoeing all the way to Lakewood.

Adam digging out his truck

Back at the house, we ate a large breakfast, put on our snow clothes, and took a walk around town. (On the way we got to dig out Drake) The town was alive with people enjoying the weather. We were attacked by snowballers (they were lucky I was hiding behind a construction sign), then we sat by the frozen river and tried to break it with snowballs. We ended up at the coffee shop for steaming hot chocolate.

I wanted to make it home by dark (During the day ice melts, then when night hits the melted snow freezes, making roads especially treacherous.), so we headed back to the house, and bid our goodbyes.

Back at my home, my friend Sarah calls and tells me they assigned me a trip out of chicago for the next day (I was sitting reserve). I called scheduling to inform them that again I wasnt going to make it into work. We worked out a deal that I would go to the airport the next day and be used as a Denver standby. Maybe they could work me out of there. My trip was pulled from my schedule.

Me snowshoeing

2:20am, I receive a phone call, saying that I had received a trip. "i've told you guys twice already. I'm stuck in denver, theres no way I'm gonna make it."

I explained everything to him, and he obliged. My trip was pulled.

The next day I headed out to the disaster that was the airport. At 9am, it wasn't so bad. After all, the airport wasnt even open yet. I called scheduling to see if they found anything for me, and he informed me that I could be stuck until the next day.



Drake and I, halfway dug out

15 mins later, they call back, informing me that they were must-riding me out at 6pm. (that means I get a seat no matter what). Thats a long time to wait. but at least I was getting out.

So at 1pm, the airport opened, things got nuts, I sat in the corner with other FA's trying to get to work. It wasn't so bad of a day. Met a lot of people, just had a good time. In the end, I made it to chicago, and back to work.

As we speak Denver is receiving another blizzard. I wish I were there.



Dav said...

Quit hogging the snow and send some to Baltimore. Looks like you had some fun days off.

Travis & Jeri Tidmore said...

Fun!! We were supposed to get like 8 inches here in Amarillo (where we are spending our Christmas break), but it turn out to be less than half an inch. :-( I was bummed. One thing Malibu doesn't have is snow...and I LOVE snow.


Katie said...

that is wild! I'm glad you didn't freeze up there!! Are you going to a message?