Sunday, December 09, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Wow, where have I been???

Now, where were we.

I flew home on Thursday with plans to join kelsie for an adventure to her family's cabin out on Grand Mesa, not far from Grand Junction. We'd invited many others, however all decided that they were too cool for us...

The problem, however, was that a large snowstorm was moving across the rockies, and on my way home we texted back and forth..possibly 50 times, trying to decide what we should do. It could be either go tonight or not go at all. But if we did, we would surely have to drive in driving snow.

And thats what we decided. Kelsie immediately drove to my house, waited for me for an hour, I finally arrived, packed in about 30 minutes, and by 6:30 pm we set out on our journey.

Let me explain to you that its a 5 hour drive (in good weather), I had gotten up in providence, RI at 4am (2am Colorado time). I'm pushing the limits of sleep here.

For the first 45 minutes there was snow, no rain..just a nice mountain drive. Then, right before the Isenhower tunnel, it started. Once past the tunnel, and for the next 2 hours, we dove on pure snow. And I'm glad to say that no good story comes out of this. My car did not slide, not once. I drove anywhere from 20 to 45 mph, and not one hiccup. Then came beaver creek, and the snow turned to rain. It was easy from there.

Once at Grand Mesa, more snow. It cabin is at 10,000 feet, so this was expected. But the last hour of the drive was quite entertaining. Since I was getting tired, Kelsie was now driving, and the snow started to get deeper. We were now crawling up a mountain with about 3-4 inches of fresh powdery snow on the road. And still Drake just cruised along. The windshield wipers started to ice up, so every 3 minutes we had to stop to scrape the ice off. It became somewhat hard to see. At one point we smashed into a snow drift...instant white out. and totally awesome.

So we make it up, changed into snow gear in the car, donned our giant backpacks and our snowshoes, and trekked it up the mountain to the cabin. After 23 hours of being awake, it was time for bed. Even if I fell asleep and woke up being able to see my breath.

The rest of the 3 days there were bliss, even if we were like an old married couple. Every morning I would wake up, shovel out the stoop (path to the outhouse), start the fire, and kelsie would make breakfast and coffee. Then we would sit and watch the snow.

Days were spent snowshoeing, TRYING to snowboard (in 10-15 inches of POWDER that is not an easy task.) Just going down to the now snow-covered car was an all day event. Seriously, it took us 4 hours to go dig my car out and come back (with short de-tours on the way back).

The only sounds we heard all weekend were of falling snow and the occasional snowmobile.

On saturday I tried my hand at some snowboard tricks. I laid the door covers across the stoop of the gap, covered them with snow, trudged up the mountain, and shredded across it. then at the bottom of the hill I built a little ramp to rocket me ove

r the road. I did a half decent job, but not what I was hoping for.

In the evenings we reverted to an old couple, playing cards, reading books, dinner, and hot chocolate...and in bed by 10.

Sunday morning, our day to go home, it was still snowing. We calculated that of the 60 hours we were at the cabin, it snowed for about 55 of them.

So that was our adventure. The only exciting thing on the way home was when a truck, going down the snowy mountain (very sloooww) started weaving, then lost control and drove through the snowbank into the powder. As we past, he looked at us, smiled, and waved.

Guess we're not the only ones loving it out here.

See More pictures below: (Plus Bonus Picture at the End! You deserve it since I've had such a long layoff.)

Well it felt like I got a lot more air than this indicates...

Snow for Melting

Where is My Car???


Only way to get around...SNOWSHOES!

Inside of the Cabin

What can she say, Kelsie is a good photog! Note snowshoes on my backpack..I think they make me look cooler. (Plus useful, I had to hike back up!)



Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So you take a team that made one of the most historic runs in history, posting the greatest defensive numbers in history, with some FIIINE offensive numbers to boot..and what do you get?

A giant O-FER.

Yesterday's announcement of the NL MVP concluded an awardless season.


First came the Gold Gloves, which are given to the best defensive players at each position. You figured that a team that had the best fielding percentage in HISTORY could win just one....but no, not a single player won one. (Even though Tulowitzki made one spectacular play after another all season.)

Thats ok, because Tulo was surely a shoe-in for the Rookie of the Year. His only other competition was Brewers third baseman Ryan Braun, who did have great offensive numbers, but they weren't leaps and bounds above Tulo. Not to mention that Braun's defensive statistics were the worst in the league at his position.

Oh, and his team didn't make the playoffs.

But we lost that one too.

Then came the NL MVP, where Matt Holliday's ridiculous offensive numbers still weren't enough. In all these award's we placed a close second.

But we didn't win a single one.

I don't know what else to say. I just don't get it.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fun New Game

Ok I'll be honest...most of the crazy mess I pull on the plane is used material. I get it from others before me. And even if I do do that stuff, sometimes I'm not the leader, I just participate.

So anyway, I JUST got off a trip with my friend kristy and her boyfriend James. We are all similar ages and all very outgoing....ESPECIALLY James. If you think I talk to everyone....

So theres this activity that we play occasionally. If it's been a long flight, at the end we do inflight yoga. Just have everyone put their arms in the air, "stretch left, stretch right" blah blah blah. It's fun, but not a big deal.

But James showed us a new twist.

First he calls the pilots and gets them in on the gig. After letting them know what's going on, he goes into the routine.

Now let me tell you James has a very "announcer-ish" voice. And he knows how to talk. And entertain.

So he goes into the stretching routine, and as everyone has their hands in the air, then stretches to the left....

then the plane tilts to the left.

"now, stretch alllll the way to the right...."

and the plane tilts to the right.

the pilots today did a lot better than the previous. The first did a slow tilt, while the ones today turned HARD and almost sent Kristy and I (we were the stretch leaders) into the wall of the cabin.

Everyone loves it.

Anyway, just thought I would share this with you.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Story that I Wish Ended Better

First of all, for those of you who care, Tulo was robbed...FLAT OUT burglarized in the Rookie of the Year voting.

Remember this? (you only need to watch the first minute or so to realize what I'm talking about.)

Just yesterday I was out at A-Basin snowboarding. One of my goals this year is to learn to ride goofy. I ride Regular, which means that I ride with my left foot forward. Goofy is the opposite, with your right foot forward. Might sound easy since I already know how, but its not. It's like re-learning. It might not be quite as difficult as when I first picked up a snowboard, but still difficult. My brain knows how to do it, I just need to train my body. The advantage of doing this is to perform tricks. If I'm going to get some air and turn a 180, landing goofy, it would be advantageous to be able to ride that way.

So here I am, a beginner again. I'm slowly traversing the slopes, making those wiiide S-turns...back and forth, back and forth. I drop to my knees, facing up the mountain, to take a break, and here comes this guy, flying down the mountain, screaming. I assume he's screaming to make me think he's out of control and about to run into me, but I know better. At the last minute he cuts left, and ON PURPOSE, (this is WITHOUT question) sprays me with snow. I mean a lot of snow. In the face. I'm kind of shocked. I look up and see a guy coming down who is kind of smiling, though I can see in his face he feels sorry for me-this poor beginner snowboarder who just got terrorized by a 20-something year old ski-bum JERK.

Then I comprehend that this loser thinks I'm a little rookie that can't do anything about it when he falls victim to such a crime.

Well think again, buster.

I jump up, turn my board back regular, and begin an epic descent of the mountain. I felt like the villains in a James Bond scene, chasing him down the mountain.

I didn't know what I was going to say when I caught him, though admittedly a few choice words came to mind. I didn't want to fight him, I just wanted him to know...yes, just to KNOW.

But it had all happened so fast that I had no idea what he looked like. When I arrived at the bottom a very short time later, I saw a guy standing there who looked absolutely shocked to see me. Maybe he was one of this guy's cronies...and I'm sure he could see me scanning the crowd for....for what I didn't know.

So I lowered my head and got back in the lift line.

Just like Costanza in that episode, too little, too late.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Devil's Causeway and SKI PORN

I've gotten into another winter sport. It's called snowshoeing. Kind of like Lacrosse, you may not know what it is if you are from Louisiana. Or maybe that was just me.

Anyways, maybe a lot of you have heard of it, you just didn't know that people still did it. Maybe we just ride around on snowmobiles.

I just bought a pair of snowshoes and I was eager to use them, so on friday we drove 3 hours into the mountains, about 1 hour south of steamboat springs, to check out a place called the Devil's Causeway. After repeated hints from the local ranger not to cross it, we headed up onto the trail, and eventually into showshoe-dom. It was freaking awesome. After following a path up the mountain that was originally created by what looked like a freakishly large mountain lion, we found the Causeway. Not for the faint of heart, it was only 3 feet across, and about 20 feet long, and with a 1500 foot drop on each side. We made a decision to NOT try to cross it, being that it was covered in snow.

Back in Denver, it is now officially ski season, as we joined a bunch of folks from our church to watch some porn last night. And by that I mean we watched Warren Miller's latest installment of ski insanity, which is more affectionally is called ski porn. I really had no idea what I was getting into, but when we arrived at the theater in Boulder there was a line around the corner waiting to get in.

We sat down, and as the song "thunderstruck" blared and the film started to roll, I began to understand. "Are you ready for snow??" flashed across the screen, and I knew this was the official beginning of ski season. Everyone was screaming, and you could feel the excitement. I was part of a tradition that I'd never heard of. For 70 years Warren Miller films has put out this "ski porn" that officially kicks off the season. The film was filled with unbelievable triple back flips off of 200 foot cliffs, 7 year old snowboarding prodigies, helicopter pilots leaping from 5000 feet in a wing suit, and my favorite, a new sport where you cruise... i mean, SCREAM down a mountain while para-gliding, occasionally skipping across the snow on your skis. Amazing.

As we left we received a voucher for 3 free lift tickets at resorts I've never been to, so that might have been the best 18 dollars i've ever spent. Check out the film's trailer.

I'm going snowboarding tomorrow, and you're all invited.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Territory

So either no one cares about what I wrote, or no one reads this blog anymore...which would mean I would be talking to myself, which is alright, because I got used to that the first year I worked at this job.

I'm currently on one of those self-created vacations. And I'm venturing into new territory because I've never actually chosen to go home during one of these. Normally I'd chose a part of the country to visit, look up an acquaintance that I hardly know and invite myself to stay over. Instead I'm actually finding myself a life here in Denver. I've done a lot of mountain biking, movie watching, and decorating my car and snowboard with Rockies stickers. I'm running short on things to do, and I still have an entire week to go.

There really truly is not a whole lot going on. Last month I worked my butt off to pay off all my billls. That way I'll be able to work the minimum this winter and come home and board my life away. Here in Denver, that means I'll have a life.

I've become a regular down at a small sandwich shop here in Golden...unfortunately I found out today that she is closing up shop due to a lack of business and running away to Montana. Couldn't say I wasn't jealous.

If there is one problem that I have here its that I have a lack of guy friends. Well, more specifically, a lack of SINGLE guy friends. It's hard to just call up a married man to see if he can come over and play video games with me. I was thinking of inviting some friends over for dinner until I realized that should I do that it would be me and 7 girls. It's gotten to the point where Kelsie is trying to set me up with her roommate's boyfriends. Apparently they are looking for guy friends its not just me.

and I've signed up to walk in the Parade of lights, meaning I'll get to wear the "TJ Luv" costume. you should all be praying that pictures will be involved in this, b/c you won't want to miss it.

anyway, here's a fun picture you may enjoy:


Monday, November 05, 2007

Would YOU fly???

Watch this video and tell me what you think you would do:

Now I would fly. Why? Because they are completely correct when they say that it just increases fuel economy. They are called winglets, and a lot of OUR planes don't even have them. Unfortunately it looks REALLY bad, and I can understand how it would make some already nervous flyers bail on the flight.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Professional Peanut Tosser

Finally I've discovered my talent in life. I'm a heck of a peanut tosser.

I'm freakishly good. I don't know where my accuracy comes from, but when that sack of peanuts takes to the air, it always ends up in a place even better that I ever imagined.

I'm a peanut tosser. And by that I don't mean I just walk by and slap a bag of peanuts on your tray table. No. I told this lady that I was going to see how far down the plane I could go and still drop peanuts into her lap. I think I got 10 rows down the airplane, and flung it side-arm. The peanuts smacked into her chest and sunk down into her lap. BINGO.

Though I didn't dare try for 14 rows, for fear of smacking some slumbering elderly woman in the head.

But why won't I?? I'm HOT.

I once tossed one behind the back that landed directly on the magazine the lady was reading. "Dude, that was cool." was what the guy across the aisle said.

A few days later I tossed one from two rows back. It lodged itself between the guys thumb and the magazine he was holding. MONEY.

Just yesterday I was goofing with this couple when, as I walked by, I felt something hit me in the back. Assuming it was a bag of peanuts (I had hit him in the chest earlier), I ignored it, went to the back, and gathered a sack for the throwing. Acting like I never felt anything, I sat down 4 rows behind the culprits and opened the package. One by one I lobbed the individual peanuts towards their row. One after the other they flew, all landing in the poor girls hair. BULLSEYE. Each toss created a "AHHHH!!!" from my target.

Later they demanded another Jack and Coke, for my peanuts landed in the drink. I couldn't believe it.

On the other hand, why couldn't I?? When you're hot, your hot.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm conflicted...Rocks or Stros?

I think I want to edit my team allegiance. Now understand that as I say this the Rockies are currently getting DRILLED by the Red Sox in the World Series. But I think they might be my new favorite team. No more split allegiances.

I grew up a Braves fan. After Ron Gant, my favorite player, was traded, I decided I was going to start following the Astros, which happened to be the closest team to New Orleans. Plus we had the farm team, so I thought that all just fit together nicely.

Well now I've moved out on my own and matured (no comments from the peanut gallery). I've seen most of the cities in the U.S., lived in all but one time zone, and now things are starting to change. I've moved to Denver, where I think I just might stay for a while. And I've fallen in love with the Rockies, the stadium, the organization and...the city. And see thats what I have against the astros. Now that I've seen the country, I can't stand Houston. How can I root for the team that I grew up with when I can't stand the city??? But again, how can I turn my back on the team I grew up with?? Sure I did it to the Braves, but I was just a tike. I didn't know any better. I'd go ahead and renounce the Astros, but I feel kind of bad.

Or have I already done it??


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

These Just In

1 Ski resort open already! and the city might get snow on sunday!

anyway, just got these in.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


WOW, where do I begin?? I had this really drawn out rant on something, but for some reason I can't remember it...It's probably because I've been caught up in what has been coined "Rocktober" going on here in november.

It's crazy. So far we've (Colorado Rockies) won 21 of 22 on our way to a World Series birth.

And no, I do not think i can qualify as a bandwagon fan for a couple of reasons:

1) I bought a Rockies jersey back in March

2)I've been going to games all season long, and I have the ticket stubs and the box score to prove it.

It seems like every night after work I hole myself up in my hotel room and sit on the edge of my seat watching every pitch of the games. I can't help myself. What? theres football on? WHO CARES!!!??? ITS ROCKTOBER!!!

But for real, if you haven't been able to watch these rockies play, its truly amazing and...well...thrilling. I firmly believe they are pulling these games off with defense. They make plays that most teams can't. They finished the season with the best fielding percentage in baseball history. Really, it is spectacular to watch. Here's a little nugget that tulowitzki pulled off earlier in the season. He did this again last night (runner was BARELY safe) right before jumping 10 feet in the air to snare a line drive:

And my favorite sign from the NL title clinching game last night:

"Is this Heaven?? No, it's Colorado."

And finally Ted found the 5 seconds it takes to send these pictures. So enjoy:


Monday, October 08, 2007

It's all so simple...

If you wanted to send a message to the world, what would it be???

(Thanks dee for this link. i couldn't remember what I was supposed to be searching for..)

My favorite is the child's hand....


Wednesday, October 03, 2007


We don't get the brilliant reds that the east gets, but...our mountains are bigger. ;)

So here are your reds...don't ask me how this happens, but this is completely unedited...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Property of: Crew Scheduling

Just a few days ago, while on the last day of a 3-day trip, I had to work from Washington-Dulles all the way out to Vegas, then one more leg back to Chicago. Literally 5 minutes before we worked that last leg back to Chicago, the phone in the Jet bridge rang.

"Are you Jeremiah?"



It was scheduling, telling me I was to get off the plane and work to sacramento, then san diego, then back to vegas and stay there for the night.

Apparently a flight attendant, while at the airport about to begin her day, got a phone call and got bad news about some medical tests she had. So she called in and went home. Luckily I was right next door and there was another FA on my flight deadheading (just take a ride, not work, for positioning purposes) to chicago. No more, she had to work.


Every couple months I'm nothing but a puppet. 15 or so people sitting in a room in Dallas hold the strings and do pretty much whatever they want with me. Literally, I'm nothing but a name and number, and they send me wherever they want to. And once they send me somewhere, they will pull you in a heartbeat because you are on reserve for the month. (not the entire month, just your days) And crazier still, they trust me to do what I'm supposed to. Which sometimes is unwarranted.

Beverly, a girl in my crash pad, was telling me last night that they got re-routed in Vegas, and they were supposed to Deadhead from vegas to San diego. So they get off their plane, lose track of time, and end up missing their deadhead.


On reserve they give you a 2 hour callout...meaning once they call you, you have 2 hours to get there. So what do they do when they need someone sooner??

Last night I sat airport standby, which is basically sitting around at the airport for 5 hours so they have someone there...ready to go should they need you. Luckily we have a giant flight attendant lounge underneath the airport concourse, complete with vending machines, wireless internet, leather couches, 1 big screen tv and 1 flat screen, all with satellite tv.

You sit down there and wait. Watch tv, talk with people, the other 2 people on standby (they like to keep an entire crew, or 2, down there at a time)and browse the internet. You actually forget that there is an entire world just 10 feet above you busily flying to different parts of the country, going about their lives, while you sit there and literally waste yours. If you go up to find something to eat, its kind of like coming out of a movie theater.

"where did these people come from? whats going on? when did it get dark outside? what???"

So wierd.

Luckily last night it was thursday, which meant premier night of one of my favorite shows: The Office. Couple that with the Cubs on TV losing to the Marlins...AGAIN, So I was pleasantly entertained for evening.

So after my 5 hours was up and I hadn't been used, I called scheduling, they released me, and I went back to my crash pad, just to sit on reserve today all over again. I don't sit around very well, so luckily they gave me a trip for the next three days (philadelphia-providence) to keep me busy.

I'm not on reserve next month. I'm back in control of my life.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

LOL: This is stupid

MNE Ps dnt bleev der is a gNA8N d/c b/t em n thr teen.


MNE Ps dnt bleev der is a gNA8N d/c b/t em n thr teen!!!!

Can you understand that?? Yeah, me neither. If you have a teenager, please have them read that. Because I'm convinced they can't. I don't think anyone can. Now without hours of study.

It's from an ad that reads: DO YOU SPEAK TEEN?" Now cmon. Att has been using tv ads that tout texting and using "text language" like LOL, (laugh out loud) and MYOB (mind your own business.)

but all this business has gotten completely out of control, because I think adults have blown the whole thing out of proportion. I know I'm not a teen anymore, but...cmon. Nobody texts like that. There are certain words that you can feasibly shorten into text slang without it becoming unreadable: LOL, b/c, etc.... but gNR8N??? D/C???? thats just ridiculous. noone uses that!! it's just stupid to even think that people do.

and by the way, its supposed to read: "Many parents don't believe there is a generation disconnect between them and their teen"


Monday, September 24, 2007

Quite Unfortunate...

Yesterday Milton Bradley, who has had a history of off and on the field disputes, had a "spat" with an umpire. Now it's important to mention that Bradley has seen no significant troubles in the past few years, and is now leading his team in the midst of a playoff race.

As of today they lead the wild card by 1/2 game over the LA Dodgers.

From what was reported, an umpire accused him of throwing the bat at another umpire, and after calmy brushing it off and insisting that he did no such thing, he continued to be berated by the umps.

After a single and while standing on first, the video clearly shows the ump jawing at Bradley, who, while still trying to PLAY A BASEBALL GAME, tried to defend himself. Never did he show any visible hostility. Then Bradley went berserk and started yelling at the ump for accusing him of something he didn't do.

First of all, I'd like to say that even if he DID do it, this is completely un-professional on the part of the umpire. Either you stop play and settle it like a MLB Umpire, or you let it go. One or the other. DO NOT continue to badger the player as if you have some sort of personal vendetta against him.

Well Bradley ended up yelling in the umps face, only to get tossed. The manager came out to hold Bradley back, and in the meantime threw him to the ground and subsequently twisting Bradley's knee. He had to be carried off the field, and is quoted after the game:

"It's terrible. And now, because of him, my knee's hurt," Bradley said Sunday. "If this costs me my season because of that, he needs to be reprimanded. I'm taking some action. I'm not going to stand pat and accept this, because I didn't do nothing wrong."

The test results were just reported: Bradley tore his ACL and is out for the remainder of the year. Nice job, umps. I find this appalling and I hope that ump is terminated.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Heh. funny, for football fans

But first, some thoughts on yesterdays games: I'm on reserve in Chicago, they aren't using me, so I'm basically being paid to watch football all I might as well give some commentary.

-I stayed up late last night to watch Colorado play Florida State. I figure theres not many chances to watch them on TV. I felt like, especially on offense, that they looked like a high school team.

-I kind of wish I was there on blackout night.

-Yesterday was more of who I was going AGAINST (USC, Texas, Ohio State, every other big 10 team) than who I was for.

-LSU basically played the scrubs yesterday and still beat MTSU 44-0. I know I know, its MTSU, but remember, they hung 42 on Louisville. So they aren't HORRIBLE.

-It's only a matter of time, Texas. Only a matter of time.

-Mark it on your calendars: Oct 6th, Florida at LSU. thats going to be a doosey of a game.

Anyways, check out this video.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Coast to Coast Friendships

I just took a little mini-vacation that spanned both coasts. It was a trip of renewing old friendships, solidifying current friendships, creating new friendships (and sleeping in the same bed with them) and trying your best to hold on to friendships that have been...well..strained.

Friday the 7th I flew out to California to attend the wedding of a friend that used to be a flight attendant wth me. I met up with my friend Stormy who was a brides maid in it. It was in Sonoma Valley, just north of San Francisco. Wasn't quite what I was used to, as it lasted from 4:30 pm until...well..we left at 11pm and it was still going strong.

Afterwards we drove 2 hours to my old friend Bobby Hulett's house to stay the night. Saying that is pushing it, as we arrived at 1130 and left at 5am. To quote Bobby about his son Kade, who was asleep when we arrived and when we left: "I think Kade is a little miffed that he didn't see you"

Bobby is a guy that I went to church with in high school (he is 10 yrs older than I) and had just moved back to the states from Indonesia.

So we stayed the night, and both caught early AM flights the next morning. Stormy flew back home to Orlando, I flew out to Boston VIA Manchester, NH to see some more friends for a couple days.

Manchester is about a 45 minute drive from Boston, and I had heard of free shuttle that took you from one city to the other. Seemed a little too good to be true, so I was slightly concerned about whether the service still existed. Since I was a little wary, I actually pulled something off I had never done before: hitchhiked. I asked a young couple on the flight if they were going to Boston and whether they would be willing to let me bum a ride off of them. And without any question, they said that it would be fine.

And even better, they had GPS, so I was able to predict my arrival to Tyler, who thought I would be coming in on the shuttle/train. It was funny when I said I would be there about 6:06 and I knocked on the door at 6:08.

Tyler had taken the bus up from Nantucket, and her brother and her brothers friend, whom I would be sharing a bed with at the hotel, flew up from Dallas. We spent the 2 days seeing concerts, seeing the historical sites, and the highlight: seeing the Sox play at Fenway.

So with Tyler, Scott, and Ryan all going back to work, I had a couple more days off. (I wanted so bad to get a car and drive up to Vermont and Maine, states I've never seen, but with no tent, I had nowhere to stay), I decided to go back to the Manchester airport and fly back to chicago and figure out where to go from there, since I had 3 more free days before work starts again. But as I stood at the gate waiting for my flight, I had a change of heart and wanted to go to Dallas to see Tim josue debbie and adam, whom I hadn't seen since June. I thought I would get to chicago and see how to get to dallas from there....but then I looked behind me to the posted flights and...VOILA!! there was a flight that went to baltimore to st louis then to dallas. perfect.

So here I sit, just waiting for this tropical storm to come in and strand me here so I can't get to work.

The next stretch of time that I have off I'm going to see my nephew's 1st birthday. All this adds up to an entire month away from home. But its ok. I do it to myself.

thanks for your attention. have a nice day.