Friday, January 26, 2007

Boilin' up from the past...

December blizzard moving through...this is actually 2 pictures stitched together manually

January 21st, 2007, my beloved Saints were set to play the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in Chicago. I, at the time, was working diligently from Las Vegas to Chicago. I was working in the front, so as passengers got on board, the first they saw was me proudly sporting my New Orleans Saints Lanyard strung around my neck.

One after the other, Rex Grossman, Brian Urlacher, and Walter Payton all boarded my plane. Well, their jersey's did.

During the flight, I tried to poke a little fun at the Bears, earnestly hoping they would play along, that we would have a good flight, everything good natured. Unfortunately, it was not the mood they were in.

"Go find a personality and then come see me" is what I thought...I did not say it.

Upon deplaning, passengers were informing me that the score was 16-14 bears upon Reggie Bush's 88yrd TD reception. Wasn't what I was wanting, but we weren't getting blown out.

At this point, I was honestly nervous, butterflies and all. I didn't want to eat, I couldn't stop thinking about the game. I left the airplane to cheers from the sports bar next door....not a good sign.

I raced down to the flight attendant lounge to find a plethora of flight attendants gathered around the tv, some with bears scarves draped around their necks. I couldn't concentrate on my post-flight duties, I nervously had to sit down with the minons of chicago.

As soon as they walked in they noticed my lanyard and made comments on how they were killing us, how the game was practically over, and it started to get under my skin.

If any of you knew me in High School, I had a small temper. (My mom, after I told her this story, said "HAD???") I was very competitive, and didn't take losing well. I once tripped my dad in a friendly flag football game because he was beating me. Well all these temperments started to come back. Comment after comment, I felt it boiling up. The guy next to me, after Brees threw his first pick of the second quarter, said "thats ball game" and I wanted to turn around and slug him. I tried explaining what this game means to the city, to us as saints fans (bears fans dont whine about 16 years of futility, try 40). I said we won't give up until theres 0:00 on the clock.

Still, little comments here and there, and I almost told the guy "hey buddy, watch it or I'm gonna sock you right here and now."

And I wanted to OHH SO BADLY. I could see glances from people around at me, how they could tell that I was NOT happy. Like those "oh my gosh this kids gonna blow his top right now."

Brees threw his second INT and I couldn't take it anymore. I told my friends that I had to go, cuz it might get ugly, and I don't mean the game.

I walked outside into the cool weather, took a deep breath, and headed to my crash pad. If I had hit that guy instead of cooling off, I most definitely would have been fired.

Then things got crazier. At my crash pad, watching post game comments (including "the saints have been built up all year, but in the end, they're just the Saints. - WGN Sports) I decided that this crappy night couldn't get any crappier, so I called up a girl that I've wanted to ask out, and kind of rashly asked her. She humored me and said yes. So the evening wasn't a total loss. (we did go out, and in the end decided to stay friends, which wasn't COMPLETELY mutual, but I'm ok with it. :) )

I later met my dad who was covering the game and he presented me with a souvenier from the game: A Banner that read "Black and Gold to the Super Bowl." It WILL go on my wall.

Because of the 21st of January, I will have a disdain for the Chicago Bears for approximately 1 year. And especially because of some stories that I've heard about signs that were shown during the game, most specifically "Bears: Finish what Katrina Started."

I'll leave this with a quote from a story I read today by Chicago Tribune's John Kass about New Orleanean TV reporter Glen Boyd, who had a bad experience at the game.

"Chicago fans may feel relieved. But Boyd warned that New Orleans isn't finished with Chicago."

'"There's another New Orleanian that Bears fans should worry about," Boyd said. "His name is Peyton Manning."'

Thursday, January 18, 2007

YOUR not special

Yesterday I attempted to ride a rail at beaver creek and upon taking the ramp up to it, I took a nasty fall, straight onto ice, and directly onto that useless bone we refer to as the tailbone. Unfortunately, although useless, its very painful. I never made it onto the rail.

Crazy things are going on, most particuarly with the weather. Dallas is icing, theres no snow in the northeast, its snowing in las vegas, and thats just in the US. Not that this is really the first time, why I can remember the days in Abilene when the weather was so NUTS that it'd be 60 one day and 20 the next! whoa! and the time in denver when i was in short sleeves one day, and after a 50 degree plunge, it was a blizzard the next ...


seems to be happening everywhere.

Even my days back in New Orleans we SWORE that we had the wierdest weather in the US. Noone could touch us. Then funny thing, same thing happened in Abilene..

so after extensive travels over this country, I'm here to tell everyone that YOUR NOT SPECIAL. At least your town is not, and at least in terms of weather. All that mess happens everywhere in the form of long blue or red lines that run north to south on the weather map during the 10 o'clock news. It's called a cold front and a warm front, respectively.

And it doesn't stop with weather. For some dumb reason we all take pride in living in the cities with "the highest crime" or "the worst drivers" or "the highest drug abuse."

Not that I blame you, we all wanna be bad at something, right?

and apparently I need more guy friends...anyone??


Monday, January 15, 2007

A Sad omission, a powderhound, and history in the making!

On the drive back home from Keystone

It's still my birthday.

It was pointed out on my last post that I missed an integral part of my birthday, and I only didn't write about it because It actually took place the day BEFORE. Sad, I know.

My BEST FRIEND Deanna, along with her best friend from houston and one of the COOLEST GIRLS I KNOW, who goes by Lauren, threw me a day-before-my-birthday parrty. It was complete with a toasty fire, chips and queso, chicken soup, and a platter of brownies with half melted lit candles in it. They were blown out and retracted as soon as they were lit.

Come to think of it, that WAS my birthday party, as it was the only time I blew out candles. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

I have to take a break. My season pass has officially been paid for from last week alone.

Monday- My Bday
Tuesday - Skiid Vail
Wednesday - Break
Thursday - Skiid Arapahoe Basin
Friday - Break
Saturday - Skiid Breckenridge
Sunday - Skiid Keystone (We listened to Christian music on the way up, then got in touch with God's beauty. So spare me the comments. :) )

And now two flight attendant friends are coming to ski on wednesday. Whew.

And for those of you interested, I'm coming along in catching big air. We were skiing towards a lift, and I spotted a nice little ramp that someone had created. I bravely steered towards it, gathering speed as I approached. As I got closer, I started to notice a HOLE on the other side that I had to clear. Obviously too late, I reluctantly hit the ramp, was thrown into the air, and by the GRACE OF GOD heard the slap of the bottom of my snowboard against the snow. I threw my arms in the air in triumph. I told my friend I was with, Tim, about it and he said he had considered the jump, then saw the hole on the other side, and bailed.

Saturday night we got home just in time to catch the Saints playoff game. If your not aware, this was the furthest we've ever gone in a season. 2 wins away from a super appearance. Saints fans are in an uproar. We never do this well. Anyways, that evening Deanna met me at my place, and we cooked pizza, cookies, and watched the game. (And she surprised me with much needed kitchen utinsels for my bday present) At points, my stomach was doing so many flips that the though of food made me sick. We pulled it out in the end, and I think I heard my mom scream from 3 states away.

The win inspired me to slip my deuce jersey over my jacket the next day at keystone.

During the day I got shouts of "Go Saints!" and "Deuce!!" and "Who Dat!" from skiing folks and chair lift folks. I would just point at them and shout "you got that right!!"

And now I want to point out the tempertature that we skiid in.

And I'm sorry, but I have to tack his onto the end. Already, people are saying that the Colts-Pats game IS the superbowl. They don't give the NFC a chance. Heres what I find funny. Nobody gave the National League a chance to win the World Series either, since the American League DEMOLISHED the NL all season.

The National League Cardinals went on to MANHANDLE the Tigers 4 games to 1. Thats why we play the games on the field.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

If your just finding out that it was my birthday on january 8th, and you didn't text message me, call me, or leave me a facebook stink.

anyway, so this is my birthday story. I'm currently on vacation. 8th-18th.

The morning of the 8th, I recieved a phone call from my father and a text from my uncle. I ignored them both. It was my birthday! Im sleeping in!

Actually the phone was in the other room.

But I would have ignored them.

I spent my birthday with my college roommate Jon Hartnagle, his wife, and his son. We spent a lot of the day at the mall doing his after christmas shopping, but just hanging with him is always well spent.

It really got started when we got back to his mom's house, and broke out the snow sleds and went to the back yard. There were a couple rams already built, so we summited the hill, and got on the sled.

We both got on. tadem. Figured it would go faster and be more fun. I can remember heading down the hill, and hearing jon say "uhh..we're going really fast."

I started thinking to myself "jon...steer away from the ramp. I dont wanna do it. We're gonna die."

Sure enough, we hit the ramp dead on, we were shot into the air...and we hung...seemed like we the air..then SLAM onto the snow. We fell over in laughter. 2 26 year old guys, and I seriously felt like I was 9. It was awesome. I think we reached about 4 feet off the ground, which on a a REALLY HIGH.

Obviously I dont have any pics of us tadem, but we did get some solo runs in that I took pictures of.

FYI, there is a long blurry line running the length of all these photos, and its because the filter, which will NOT come off my camera for some reason, is now cracked. Its going to the shop tomorrow.

So I have decided that my birthday will run the length of my vacation. Dont argue, its what I've decided to do. So if you wish to send me a message saying "hey jeremy, happy 5th day of your birthday", I'll accept it and give you a warm thank you.

This morning, I got wild and drove all the way up to Vail, Co, and did some snowboarding. As most of you know, we've had TONS of snow out here, and it was greeeeat! I actually landed, for the first time, an actual jump. I was at least 3-4 feet in the air, and had a solid landing. I came back around for another go -round, landed it AGAIN, then realized theres another jump right after it. Needless to say I went splat.

I also did another trick that I was TOTALLy proud of. I was riding in the bowls, where theres un-groomed powder, and facing up the mountain, I caught my back edge which sent me backwards into the snow. I immediately did a back tuck, sent my legs with my board back over my body, back onto my feet, and rode off. I was proud.

In the end I came back with what I usually do, some sore feet, a big smile, and a bruised ego.

Anyways, if something exciting happens on my birthday I'll be sure to let you know.