Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

If your just finding out that it was my birthday on january 8th, and you didn't text message me, call me, or leave me a facebook message....you stink.

anyway, so this is my birthday story. I'm currently on vacation. 8th-18th.

The morning of the 8th, I recieved a phone call from my father and a text from my uncle. I ignored them both. It was my birthday! Im sleeping in!

Actually the phone was in the other room.

But I would have ignored them.

I spent my birthday with my college roommate Jon Hartnagle, his wife, and his son. We spent a lot of the day at the mall doing his after christmas shopping, but just hanging with him is always well spent.

It really got started when we got back to his mom's house, and broke out the snow sleds and went to the back yard. There were a couple rams already built, so we summited the hill, and got on the sled.

We both got on. tadem. Figured it would go faster and be more fun. I can remember heading down the hill, and hearing jon say "uhh..we're going really fast."

I started thinking to myself "jon...steer away from the ramp. I dont wanna do it. We're gonna die."

Sure enough, we hit the ramp dead on, we were shot into the air...and we hung...seemed like we floated..in the air..then SLAM onto the snow. We fell over in laughter. 2 26 year old guys, and I seriously felt like I was 9. It was awesome. I think we reached about 4 feet off the ground, which on a sled...is a REALLY HIGH.

Obviously I dont have any pics of us tadem, but we did get some solo runs in that I took pictures of.

FYI, there is a long blurry line running the length of all these photos, and its because the filter, which will NOT come off my camera for some reason, is now cracked. Its going to the shop tomorrow.

So I have decided that my birthday will run the length of my vacation. Dont argue, its what I've decided to do. So if you wish to send me a message saying "hey jeremy, happy 5th day of your birthday", I'll accept it and give you a warm thank you.

This morning, I got wild and drove all the way up to Vail, Co, and did some snowboarding. As most of you know, we've had TONS of snow out here, and it was greeeeat! I actually landed, for the first time, an actual jump. I was at least 3-4 feet in the air, and had a solid landing. I came back around for another go -round, landed it AGAIN, then realized theres another jump right after it. Needless to say I went splat.

I also did another trick that I was TOTALLy proud of. I was riding in the bowls, where theres un-groomed powder, and facing up the mountain, I caught my back edge which sent me backwards into the snow. I immediately did a back tuck, sent my legs with my board back over my body, back onto my feet, and rode off. I was proud.

In the end I came back with what I usually do, some sore feet, a big smile, and a bruised ego.

Anyways, if something exciting happens on my birthday I'll be sure to let you know.



Anonymous said...

Now, now, now..... Keep your story straight... You DID answer my text message when I sent you a happy birthday text... or I got a text from someone..... Was it from the ghost of birthday past hmmmm
Uncle Don

Dav said...

Happy late Birthday! Glad you're having fun!

Lauren said...

Yes, I admitted that it was my favorite place. :)

I'm a little hurt that you didn't add me and Deanna's feast and hard brownies to your birthday. And I'm sure Dee would be hurt as well.

Natasha said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jeremy! You're getting old:)

jhart said...

We had a really good time with you too. Just wish we still lived close to you. I'm so glad we finally got to see you after all these years. Stay in touch! Thanks for the pics! love, jenn

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

Oh, and congratulations on winning the fantasy football championship.