Monday, January 15, 2007

A Sad omission, a powderhound, and history in the making!

On the drive back home from Keystone

It's still my birthday.

It was pointed out on my last post that I missed an integral part of my birthday, and I only didn't write about it because It actually took place the day BEFORE. Sad, I know.

My BEST FRIEND Deanna, along with her best friend from houston and one of the COOLEST GIRLS I KNOW, who goes by Lauren, threw me a day-before-my-birthday parrty. It was complete with a toasty fire, chips and queso, chicken soup, and a platter of brownies with half melted lit candles in it. They were blown out and retracted as soon as they were lit.

Come to think of it, that WAS my birthday party, as it was the only time I blew out candles. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

I have to take a break. My season pass has officially been paid for from last week alone.

Monday- My Bday
Tuesday - Skiid Vail
Wednesday - Break
Thursday - Skiid Arapahoe Basin
Friday - Break
Saturday - Skiid Breckenridge
Sunday - Skiid Keystone (We listened to Christian music on the way up, then got in touch with God's beauty. So spare me the comments. :) )

And now two flight attendant friends are coming to ski on wednesday. Whew.

And for those of you interested, I'm coming along in catching big air. We were skiing towards a lift, and I spotted a nice little ramp that someone had created. I bravely steered towards it, gathering speed as I approached. As I got closer, I started to notice a HOLE on the other side that I had to clear. Obviously too late, I reluctantly hit the ramp, was thrown into the air, and by the GRACE OF GOD heard the slap of the bottom of my snowboard against the snow. I threw my arms in the air in triumph. I told my friend I was with, Tim, about it and he said he had considered the jump, then saw the hole on the other side, and bailed.

Saturday night we got home just in time to catch the Saints playoff game. If your not aware, this was the furthest we've ever gone in a season. 2 wins away from a super appearance. Saints fans are in an uproar. We never do this well. Anyways, that evening Deanna met me at my place, and we cooked pizza, cookies, and watched the game. (And she surprised me with much needed kitchen utinsels for my bday present) At points, my stomach was doing so many flips that the though of food made me sick. We pulled it out in the end, and I think I heard my mom scream from 3 states away.

The win inspired me to slip my deuce jersey over my jacket the next day at keystone.

During the day I got shouts of "Go Saints!" and "Deuce!!" and "Who Dat!" from skiing folks and chair lift folks. I would just point at them and shout "you got that right!!"

And now I want to point out the tempertature that we skiid in.

And I'm sorry, but I have to tack his onto the end. Already, people are saying that the Colts-Pats game IS the superbowl. They don't give the NFC a chance. Heres what I find funny. Nobody gave the National League a chance to win the World Series either, since the American League DEMOLISHED the NL all season.

The National League Cardinals went on to MANHANDLE the Tigers 4 games to 1. Thats why we play the games on the field.



Dee said...

I appreciate the pre-bday party blurb. It was quite a party! HaHa! Also, I dont think the Pats/Colts game is the superbowl. It will for sure be the Saints/Colts in the superbowl. No doubt. Go Saints! I still need my fluer de li (sp).

Lauren said...

Thanks Jeremy! I, in turn, have mentioned you in my latest blog!

kentbrantly said...

dude, a few comments:
1. congrats to your saints. that was pretty stinkin' exciting.
2. who thinks the colts/pats game is the superbowl? the superbowl will be the game after that, when the colts beat whatever NFC team wins out next week.
3. what did i do that kept me from getting an invite for your week of skiing this year? are you still upset about that time i came flying around the corner, ran over the back of your board and almost killed us both? you've gotta stop living in the past.

kentbrantly said...

ps - happy continued birthday