Monday, February 05, 2007

Bears go DOWN!

With 2 Days off, and an itch to leave the HORID town of Chicago and its overwhelmingly OBNOXIOUS fans, I skipped town on an offer from Kent Brantly to watch the Super Bowl with him in Indianapolis.

With his friends Keith and Laurann, all rabid Colt fans, we hooked up a sweet canon projector and shot the massive image up on a white sheet draped over the window blinds at Lauranns house.

Upon entering the house, Kent informed me that ..."Laurann is under the impression that you're really cool." Thanks Kent, like the Colts, I had a lot to live up to that evening.

The coffee table was decked out with vegetables and ranch dip (my favorite), potato chips, cookies, chips and salsa AND queso, and the oven was stocked with fresh pizza from little Caesars. The night was set for a big win from the Colts.

After the win, I called the SWA non-rev listing number to get a flight for the morning. When Jan answered, I told her "Hi Jan, I need a flight tomorrow morning from Indianapolis to Chicago. Theres some folks there that I need to rag on."

"So I'm guessing the game is over?"

"yup, 29-17 Colts."

After setting up the flight she askes "So Jeremiah, you wouldn't be going up to chicago to rub it in their faces, would you?" I thought we'd been through this, but I humored her and said "ABSOLUTELY."

She laughed at me, we talked about the game, then hung up. I couldn't wait to get back to Chicago.

I arrived this morning, to shock that a lot of the bears banners and signs in the airport had been taken down. I laughed to myself, then laughed while watching the newscasters have a pity party and talk about "next year."

In other news, I got paid today and realized that I have no money. It's a long story, but basically I got most of my paycheck pushed back to the 20th paycheck (I changed this a long time ago, and the changes have been made finally, though I'm not sure I want them changed anymore). Most of my 5th check has already been spent in a check that I just wrote for 2 months rent here at the crash pad.

So I'm gonna see if I can go 15 days and spend $150. Well, I'll be happy if I spend $200 or less, but the goal is 150. thats 10 bucks a day on food. thats it. We'll see how it goes. I've got plenty of peanuts and pretzels to snack on. :)

Heres a couple of vids of this HS kid from Florida, Noel Divine. Looks like he's playing against 10 year olds. Apparently colleges are iffy on recruiting him because his grades are terrible and he has 2 children to look after. Product of a terrible upbringing.

Same guy, but it looks like the tape must be sped up or something. sorry the quality is terrible. Only one I could find.



laura g said...

well whaddya know, i have no money right now either! (and how did that happen? ah yes, new tires and a plane ticket in the same month.)

BSC said...

Devine is a stud, but he also has Iversonian issues. Awesome as he is, I don't want him at OU.

Mucho props to ACU alum Danieal Manning. Played a solid game.

Zach said...

Awesome story!!

I've been following devine for a few years now. Thought he be at Miami, since he's a head case, and Miami is head case U, but since he's going to West Virginia I think there's hope after all...

He moved to Texas for his senior year with Deion, but 2 weeks later moved back. I was looking forward to watching him.