Thursday, February 01, 2007


Exxon reported on thursday the "...biggest annual profit on record for a U.S. corporation - earning more than $75,000 every minute of 2006 on the back of record oil price..." and "posted net earnings of $39.5 billion on revenue of $377.6 billion last year..."

Just a few months ago I read an article in Men's Journal about the alter-ego of the behemoth company. They were admitting to Global Warming to the media, yet they were shelling out millions of dollars to small companies to assist them in DENOUNCING global warming and its effects. On January 12th, they reported that they were "cutting ties to global warming skeptics." Congratulations. I guess its a step in the right direction, but honestly, why should I trust you now?

Also on the news this evening is the fact that they contribute absolutely no money to the research or use of alternative energy. NONE. Not even proven methods, such as Wind, solar, or hydro. According to the reporter on abc news, they would consider natural gas as an alternative energy.

Theres a lot of cynics out there on global warming, and I'd be counted among them. But the fact is, were GONNA run out of oil, whether we like it or not, and its imperitive that we find soemthing else. Its hard to decide whats going on when its warm in the east, but in Denver we've been freezing since November. But a good clue is when an ancient ice shelf in Canadian suddently breaks free.

As for me, I rest in the "Im not sure what is going on, but I'd rather be safe than sorry" camp. Unfortunately for Exxon, they seem to be in the "whatever makes us more money" camp, and as of today, I've officially washed my hands of their "dirty" pracitices until further notice.



Anonymous said...

Be ready to wash your hands of all ExxonMobil owned brands and products. Don't forget about the companies that buy from ExxonMobil.

Here's a few of their companies and products (courtesy of the ExxonMobil website):

brands - Esso, Speedpass, On the Run, Mobil, Mobil1, Exxon, Mobil Delvac, Upromise, Quick Fuel, Exxal Alcohols, Isopar, Exxsol, Norpar, Nappar, Varsol, Avitats

products - aviation lubricants and fuels, ashalt/bitumen, wax emulsion products, process and white oils, automatic transmission fluids, compressor oils, various lubricants, greases, marine fuels and synthetics, varous chemicals, and basestocks.

So, which fuel does your airline buy?

Houston said...


JJ's airline uses Bio Willie, I thought everyone knew that!

The Juice said...

good question..i'll find out today and let you know.

Anonymous said...

Whoa... Hold on nephew... Take a deep breathe.... Now relax… Global warning isn't all bad.... just think, in the future,
1. Denver could be a tropical paradise...
2. Less winter weather accidents...
3. Less winter flu pandemic...
4. Greenland would live up to its name…
5. Less expenses for cities and airlines to de-ice the streets and planes…..
6. Fewer glaciers so ships like “The Titanic” wouldn’t end up on the bottom of the ocean….
7. No more snow days for schools…
I could go on and on about the benefits of global warming….
Plus, look at all the other oil companies.. Why pick on Exxon, I guess that just because they are the biggest they have a bull’s-eye on them.... I also read that air lines uses more fuel per trip than a large city uses in a week’s time…. How much are the airlines giving to developing alternative fuels (hmmmm) Maybe we need to boycott all the airlines?
Btw, this has nothing to do with the law suit your grand mother and I have against Exxon ( in which I hope they make a zillion dollars a year so they can pay us off without worrying about their bottom line....LOL
Uncle Don

Dee said...

This might sound ignorant, because I am, but I sure wouldnt mind warmer weather everywhere. That would make Denver perfect!!! : ) Plus my dad works for an evil oil company so I dont mind them so much. Are you going to boycot me?

The Juice said...

uncle don, you sound like the ignorant guy (no offense, personally, of course) thati heard on the radio in mississippi. you like tropical paradise? then move to costa rica. I love snowboarding, snowshoeing, snow driving, anything that has anything to do with snow. all that is in jeopardy.

but, and here comes the nerd, global warming effects fragile ecosystems. for example, salmon spawned late this year. entire fish species are on the verge of destruction. polar bears are on the verge of extinction.

as far as me working for an airline..the fumes we put out actually reflects sunlight, cooling the earth. also, I see it as carpooling.

also, yes a lot of airlines give back to the earth by planting trees to offset carbon emissions. I'm pushing for that here. Personally, you can sign up to donate 10-20 bucks per airline ticket to offset your part.

i'm still working on which company we use, so far, i think we use whoever is cheapest, and it depends where we are. I do know that we use some texaco and conoco.

Anonymous said...

whoa, everybody calm down. why don't we wait until the science (minus all the politics) is in. so far, no one can show me how much of the global warming is coming from natural causes and how much, or what percentage is contributed by man. If it's 5%, then I say we all get rid of our cars and start carpooling on Southwest to work. If, on the other hand it's only .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% human influenced, then why change anything. At this point, I just don't know, because no one has this simple, obious question answered. We do know, as Jeremy pointed out, that icebergs are breaking off, weather is a bit odd, and always will be in all our cities, we had one year of killer hurricanes, and politicians are making guilt ridden movies that make them look more intelligent than non believers. But if I recall correctly, in the early 70's, the same people were claiming we were in the beginnings of the next ice age. Back then the hysteria was just as strong,.......and just as wrong as we could be about this. The trouble is, we'll never be able to trust the science if we don't get the politics out of it. So, peace, time out, and it's OK everybody. I still love you all. And as for Exxon, my old friend Raymond Self always said it was the mark of the beast mentioned int he Bible (XX) and that Shell was the only oil company mentioned in scripture, but since my Dad made his living on the stuff, I'll keep my mind open. And remember, the Exxon stocks are funding a lot of teacher's pension plans.
Love you all.

The Juice said...

thanks for the I just want to point out that the whole post was about exxon, not about global warming. The obvious this is that they don't care a lick!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you Jeremy in the fact that the advancement in alternative fuels need to increase, but i am also biased in the fact that my father has worked in the oil field for almost 30 years so i see the pros and cons to both sides..I feel that weather moves in patterns as was mentioned in an earlier comment. And i feel that the ecosystem has a way of adapting.

Hope everything is good with you! I have enjoyed reading the family feud!!!

Brett H.