Monday, February 19, 2007

Brotherly Love

So me and my brother aren't really close. I'm not sure what kind of reaction I'll get from the family from that comment, since I've never really talked about it. It's not like we dont like each other, its just that growing up we had completely seperate friends, completely seperate lives. When we're together we get along great, but we don't stay in touch very well.

So it was a great opportunity this weekend for him to fly out to Denver for a one-day ski adventure at Keystone. It was a rough time just getting him out there because apparently people travel on Presidents day weekend to go skiing. It's just that time of year.

But I got him out on saturday afternoon, and like everyone else who comes to visit me, I was late picking him up. He called me after he had gotten off the plane, picked up his snowboard at baggage claim, and I had lost track of time playing Ratchet and Clank on my playstation. oops. I also picked up my parents late when they visited me, and also my friends Diedra and Don. So if you come visit me, just bring a good book.

We left the house at 6am to get up to the slopes as early as possible. We only had one day, so we wanted to be one of the first ones up to be as productive as possible. We were expecting huge crowds and a plethora of "Texas Roadbocks" due to the fact that it was Sunday, on Presidents Day, and the weather was beautiful.

Texas.Roadblock n.: A congestion of slow, typically novice skiers clogging a busy slope.

So we get there at 7:30, get an AMAZING parking space (I felt like George Constanza, I couldn't stop talking about it) right up near the front, and blew an hr in starbucks waiting for the lifts to open. We picked up Chris' HALF OFF military discounted lift ticket, waited in the line, and off we were.

I didn't want to hold back any since we were trying to make the most of our day, so I kind of wore him out a little early. But since we're both on similar skill levels (He lived in Alaska for a while and learned there) we had a great time. There were a lot of high notes during the day. I learned to spin a 360 while riding down the mountain, and we both picked up the terrain park. I'd done a few large table-top rails before, but this time I went for the thinner, harder to land rails. One of the best parts was when we took to the jumps in the terrain park. As I sat at the top, trying to judge the jump, I looked at the girl next to me and asked "how high is the drop on the other side??"

"It's a pretty good drop. I'm a little hisitant because last time I did this I got a concussion."

"Well you should probably invest in a helmet."

I can remember the last thing we said as we headed toward the ramp. "Whats the worst that could happen??"

We were catching about 4 feet of air (though it felt like SO much higher) and landing them flawlessly. It was a big step in my snowboarding "career."

Laugh out loud funny part of the day was when Chris decided to head into the trees, and next thing I heard was the "thhhhuudd" of his thigh against a tree.

The day had been perfect and we left around 3pm, completely wiped.

We woke up this morning at 4am to catch a 715 flight back to chicago (and for my brother continuing on to Philadelphia). I had been a quality trip. We've decided we should do a brother snowboarding trip every year.



CHEZ BEZ said...

Awesome read. My sibs and I need to do something like that. We're not close for the same reasons - love each other but rarely see one another. A planned yearly thing would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

What? No pictures?
I'm glad you guys got to do this.

The Juice said...

yeah, sorry neither of us brought our camera up the mtn. too dangerous.

laura g said...

i love how it was too dangerous to bring your CAMERA, but not too dangerous for you to do all that in the first place.

The Juice said...

i'd rather break a bone than my camera