Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Our own worse enemy

Just real quick, I wanted to apologize to my brother on behalf of our rampers for losing his snowboard. He did get it back, but..yeah...sorry about that. We're working on getting better.

Speaking of work, we made #13 of 25 in Business Weeks "Customer Service Champs." Hooray! Theres even a cool article about us Double Hooray!

Anyways moving on:

I had a discussion today with a fellow Church of Christ cult member flight attendant about the human world always trying to fight nature in an effort to control it. (She completely agreed with me, by the way) The example was lava-mud slide stuff trying to be stopped. From a volcano. They were dropping cement balls into the volcano in an attempt to "coagulate" the lava. Seems a bit much to save the house of a guy who was dumb enough to build his house at the foot of a volcano in the first place.

The world is in a sensitive and delicate balance and when you try to mess with it you're altering this very ecosystem. In some cases your endangering yourself.

Case in point is of a story of an island near the site of the Tsunami that happened 2 years ago. This island (whose name Tanya could not remember) wasn't very receptive to tourists, and therefore the state of the island wasn't too different from when man first inhabited it.

Theres a coral reef surrounding the island, and it was this reef that essentially saved the island from utter destruction. Lo and behold, the coral in other, more populated and un-regulated areas are dying off. Which just happen to be areas hurt more by the Tsunami.

Then theres stories of people hiking in the woods and are mauled by wild animals. WILD animals. What is the first thing that happens? The very animal that was only trying to protect its young in its OWN HABITAT gets shot. It's like the old story where a burglar robs a mans house, the man hits the burglar over the head with a frying pan, and the burglar sues. Doesn't seem right does it? You go into the wild, you're dealing with nature.

Did you know that wildfires are CRITICAL to the health of a forest? It's like giving the forest a clean slate to work off of. So essentially this occurs, and we have to put it out because a rock star that built his house in the middle of this forest has to save his 50 million dollar home. (Then there are cases of ARSON which is completely different. The problem is telling which is which.)

Sorry if i've come off so "earthy" or "hippy" or "treehuggerish", but some things just irk me. Just doesn't make any sense to me.

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