Sunday, March 04, 2007

Battle Wounds

So I hurt my arm snowboarding. Not bad, but just hurts. I was hoping it would turn freakishly purple and blue so I could show it off...but it wouldn't cooperate, until just a couple days ago when i looked in the mirror.

sweet. and don't forget to notice the yellowish tint all the way up my arm.



Lauren said...

That is soooo hard core.

JonGrubbs said...

I mean, I'm no doctor or anything, but right there at the crux of the swelling, IT LOOKS LIKE YOUR BONE IS JUTTING OUT OF IT'S PLACE! Also, not being a doctor, I would just take a small, ball peen hammer and knock at the bump with it. Then call me.

Shea said...

This would have been the PERFECT picture for me to have when I was studying how to make bruises in my theatre make-up class... can't wait to see you soon!