Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Sentiments Exactly

"That is the way of vacationing nowadays for many people. The whole idea is not to expose yourself to a moment of discomfort or inconvenience-indeed, not to breathe fresh air if possible. When the urge to travel seizes you, you pile into your thirteen-ton tin palace and drive 400 miles across the country, hermetically sealed against the elements, and stop at a campground where you dash to plug into their water supply and electricity so that you don't have to go a single momet without air-conditioning or dish-washer and microwave facilities. These things, these RVs, are like life-support systems on wheels. Astronauts go to the moon with less backup. RV people are another breed-and a largely demented one at that. They become obsessed with trying to equip their vehicles with gadgets to deal with every possible contingency. Their lives become ruled by the dread thought that one day they may find themselves in a situation in which they are not entirely self-sufficient."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

This has been an excerpt from Bill Bryson's "The Lost Continent." If you've never read any of his stuff, I highly recommend reading "A Walk in the Woods" first then proceed directly to any other book, because they are all spectacularly funny, even if you don't care about the country he is writing about.


JonGrubbs said...

Love the Bryson! He is my hands-down favorite nonfiction writer. Mostly because he's hilarious. Read "From a Sunburned Country." After reading it, I felt like I had been to Australia. Want to read all his books. See you soon.

kenny [ ] said...

Love Bryson as well. Lost Continent was almost as good as Walk in the Woods.

The Juice said...

anyone who can write about the history of the world and make it hilarious AND educational is genious in my book.

Brown Sugar said...
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Brown Sugar said...

sounds like i should take up reading

tjandholly said...

I (Holly) just had to comment about how much I LOVE Bill Bryson, but now I see I'm not the first to have that thought!

Anyway. I do love him. He's one of my favorite authors, and one of the first I recommend to others. Actually, I just finished his book last night about the English language, "The Mother Tongue."

" I Myself Am a Stranger Here" (Notes on returning to America after 20 years away) is my favorite, though. I read it all the time, especially when I'm feeling lonesome for the States.