Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Red Pepper FIESTA!

More often than not, whenever I go up to the cockpit to meet the guys (or gals) who will be driving us ..ahem..i mean flying us around for the day, the look at me and say "Jeremiah Jackson??? you ever seen JEREMIAH JOHNSON?" Well I got fed up with saying no. So this week, while at target, I stopped by the electronics department to see if they had it. Sure enough, for $8, I could own it. So now I do.

Deanna came over, and like usual, we cooked dinner and watched a movie.

this is where things got interesting. I just bought a "20 minute meals for dummies" book, and I selected an easy pasta dish for me to whip up. It was a simple recipe, calling for an onion, red peppers, and pasta.

anyways, the recipe fed 4-6, and obviously since we only had 2, we scaled it back a bit on everything, except of course, for the red pepper. I can't say that I wasn't in my right mind, though in hind-sight, I wasn't. So we put it all together, sit down and as I'm setting up the movie Deanna says "mmm, this is spicy! and flavorful!" and really, it was good, but after 3 bites, I looked over at her and we were both obviously in complete pain. I started tearing up. I accidently breathed a pepper in and my chest was burning (Is this what heartburn feels like ?) It was so bad neither of us could concentrate on the movie. Deanna tried adding pasta, which apparently helped a bit, but I just kept shoveling it in in hopes that I could finish it before my head completely combusted. I'm pretty sure that my face was a firey red.

So needless to say I learned an important lesson last night.

But the movie was quite excellent. Great quote movie. Heres a sampling:

-"keep your nose in the wind, and your eyes along the skyline."

-"some think you're dead. Others think you never will be."

-"Where you headed?"
"Same place you are, Jeremiah. Hell, in the end."

Jeremiah Johnson: Ain't that hair I see on your head, Del?
Del Gue: I figured that when I depart this life I'd like to leave something behind even if just to be remembered on some man's lodge pole.
Jeremiah Johnson: Sound thinking, Del.

In other news, It's almost time to change sports. Skiing conditions yesterday were horrible. almost 60 degrees out there. icy in the morning then slushy. So i'm tearing apart my bike and getting it ready for the summer!



Deanna said...

it wasnt THAT hot! : )

"Elk don't know how many feet a horse has!"

The Juice said...

Don't accuse me!

The Future said...

Yeah, everytime I see a jersey that says J Jackson I want to buy it for you... even if there's no way, cause it's like a college or even high school football jersey. Just knowing other J Jackson's are around that stole your jersey is mind-boggling.

Not many A Browns or J Villarreal jerseys to get, although I did see that Coppell has an Andy Brown park, presumably named after the first-born of the clan.

I'm getting my camera ready for the first of the season too, juice!!