Sunday, March 25, 2007

Time to make a change

This is my face. I've had to work with this face for 2 days. Sure, most of you, when you receive a sunburn such as this, you have to deal with the 15 or 20 people you work with. I have to deal with at least 500-600 people a day.

Actually its been fun. Good conversation starter, and maggie told me it makes me look manly.

Ok get this:

There are these light bulbs. they are called CFL's. (Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs) You can get them at Target, they cost a little more than normal light bulbs, but save you money in the long run, because you don't have to replace them as often.

But heres the cool thing. They use 2/3 less energy than normal light bulbs (incondescents only convert 2% of the energy it receives into light) they produce 70% less heat, and they produce nice cool colors. If we all converted to these types of bulbs, carbon emissions would be cut by something like 60-70%. For Real.

I heard that last statment somewhere, and I can't recall, so it may not be completely accurate. But I remember being floored when I heard it. If people can't go and replace their light bulbs for THAT MUCH effect on the environment (even if you don't care about the environment, the bulbs will save you $30/bulb over the liftime) then you're just a flat out drain on society. We have no need for you. Harsh, I know, but theres no other way to put it.

Anyway, I would go back that statement up, but I'm too tired. I've had a terrible day.

We left reno and arrived in vegas. we sat on the plane for 20 mins at the gate because the jetbridge wouldn't pull up. finally, we get everyone off, then get the other passengers boarded, and our lavs won't work. We deplane everyone, finally get another plane, and head out for philly an hour and a half late.

we get to philly, do our normal turn, then head home for chicago. We've got a lot of people worried about connections, and we've got them all information. We know gate numbers, which flights may hold, which won't, etc.

we get to chicago, seatbelt sign goes off, people trying to connect jump up and wait for us to open the door.

unfortunately the jetbridge is broken. IN 2 1/2 YEARS IVE HAD MAYBE 1 JETBRIDGE BREAK. now we've had 2 in 1 day. 20 mins later, still broken. we've already seen with our own eyes one of our passengers connecting flight to jackson, ms leave. sad.

we finally get everybody back in a seat, luggage stowed, so we can push to another gate. 10 mins later finally get them off. We block in at 8pm and I've gotta be back at the airport at 5:30am tomorrow. I'm going to bed.



BSC said...

The Carter house has been using CFL's for the past year or so, and we both like them. The only drawback is they take an extra second to click on and don't do well in cold, so those in colder environments may want to keep using old bulbs on their outside lights. Otherwise, they rock.

Deanna said...

This is what I just read in a magazine today

"Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) use about 65 percent less energy than regular ones. CFLs cost about 30 percent more but last up to 10 times longer. Buy a “warm white” kind, and the light should look the same as usual (stores like Wal-mart and Kmart have them). If every Glamour reader switched just one bulb, it would prevent major pollution—the equivalent of taking 82,000 cars off the road a year."

Thats a pretty big deal. I think I will go buy some this week. Yea for being a tree hugger!

kentbrantly said...

how do you figure out that your lavs don't work while you are still at the gate? do you have to flush them every flight before you push back? who's job is that?

The Juice said...

well on the 1st flight, either nobody used them or noone said anything, just let it stew. then on the ground, someone spoke up, not sure who it was that found out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nephew,
Let me say, wait a second… don’t go off half cocked without knowing the whole issue regarding CFL lights. First, I have one in my kitchen and the light takes about 15 seconds to reach the true brightness… (Which I hate.)
Second have you read the environmental issues regarding CFL? The EPA is suggesting that they need to be disposed of by a qualified recycle place and should NEVER be placed in a land fill because of the amount of mercury in the bulb.
So, in other words, your saving my be offset by paying someone to take the used bulbs off your hands or risk doing more damage to the environment than you would by using regular light bulbs.
Uncle Don

The Future said...

Uncle Don's right. No issue is cut and dry.

And before you say it's easy to go recycle, read this from the article:

Experts agree that it's not easy for most people to recycle these bulbs. Even cities that have curbside recycling won't take the bulbs. So people have to take them to a hazardous-waste collection day or a special facility.

So much for savings. What if it breaks on you? Will you have X-Men like abilities? :D