Sunday, March 11, 2007

The TV Drama

Here I am waiting at the gate podium in Kansas City trying to get back home to Denver. Its spring break, that dreaded time when kids run around in matching shirts. I sure don't remember having this much vacation when I was in school.

Anyway, I'll take this opportunity to explain to all the world why I cannot...I REPEAT...I CANNOT watch T.V Dramas. I know about 24. I know about Lost. Lost actually holds the record for keeping me watching the longest. I think I got to season 2. I watched season 1 of prison break. I've seen some E.R. But inevitably, I'll stop watching.

How would you like to go to the theater, and sit down for a movie. Except that it never ended. The reel would only stop spinning when everyone left the building.

Thats basically how I feel about TV dramas. I doubt anybody will ever find out what ACTUALLY is going on on that God forsaken Island. Because at some point everyone will get so fed up and will stop watching. THEN they will pull the plug on the show, and we'll find out that the writers THEMSELVES never had a clue what was going on.

Its just like a movie that never ends. And theres a one week..if not multiple week...intermission every hour. I end up forgetting what was ever going on in the first place. So when we take a break for SEVERAL MONTHS in-between seasons, I won't even pretend to care.

At Josue's Tennis match

Hooray for Kevin's Wedding! (Sorry mel, you mistimed your jump.)

But thanks to Mel for this fun bubble shot.



Deanna said...

Well I respect your opinions and can agree to some extent but don't you think that comedy shows go on and on with their plot line too? Does that get old too or is ok since it is funny?
And in defense of LOST the producers/writers and those sorts of people have said that they know how it ends and they plan on ending it before the show gets awful and no one is watching it anymore. Their plan was never to make it go on forever until it was taken off air. They know it needs to be wrapped up eventually and they will.
I have no idea about other shows though. They can drag on for a long time.

The CineManiac said...

Unlike Deanna I do not respect your opinion! How dare you have your own feelings and opinions about television dramas!
But really, knowing one of the original producers and writers of Lost they do have the show planned out, they've known the end since it began and in fact have been meeting with ABC so that they can decide when the show ends as opposed to just letting it go on and on or get canceled. So at least Lost is trying.
As for the others, I have been watching Prison Break since day 1 and really hope that they decide to end it this season. It was originally planned as a 2 season show, season one get out, season two on the run. So if they extend it beyond that it's just because of Greed.
And I can see your point on other shows as well, do we really need 12 some odd seasons of ER? No and that's why i don't watch it.
Some do go on and on far past their prime, but there are still some good hour long dramas on tv.
If you want the best one look no further than Veronica Mars, not only the best hour-long drama on TV, but in my opinion the best show on television period!

The Juice said...

comedies are different because you can miss 4 episodes and still watch it. theres a plot line, but its not real strong, and I don't usually care about it.

I read somewhere that the LOST producers didn't know what was going to happen. (rolling stone, maybe) but maybe they have decided since then. doens'tmatter though, cuz thats only 1 in a million dramas that i can't watch.

The Future said...

Wouldn't ER be different- as just like the Juice said- you can watch it, pick it up 4 episodes later- and then they're still in the hospital saving lives. I mean, Seinfeld had plot lines- new girlfriends would come in, new bosses for Elaine or George, but in the end, you still knew what to expect.