Thursday, March 22, 2007

You Know You Live In Colorado If...

This is what your DINING ROOM looks like. Notice the complete lack of a TABLE FOR EATING.

Heres some other cool pics of the last couple weeks. Make sure you click on the pics and enlarge them to really see them.

Note: That is a Fox that you are seeing

I have mood music.

This past week, I was driving around in 70 degree and sun-shining weather. Weather like that calls for only 1 musician: Van Morrison. Nothing beats it on a feel-good day. I'm not sure if I have any rainy day-foul mood music, but I'm interested if anyone else has a musician that they immediately turn to when they are in certain moods.



Houston said...


What is that string of lights in the top left corner? Is that some trail of lights cause by the camera effect?

The Juice said...

thats an airplane. i wish it were a shooting star. actually 2 secs before I pushed the button, a shooting star zipped by. dang. but you point out the fact that maybe I should take that out...

Deanna said...

i was there! we should try that hike again in a few weeks when there is no fear of injury from falling. i really think it will give us an awesome view of the city at night. like we are looking down at the stars : )

kentbrantly said...

1. that's a lot of outdoor gear.
2. awesome pictures. did you really take those? how did you do the one with the fox?
3. i don't know about music that i choose to listen to based on my mood, but there is a certain caedmon's call album that always takes me right back to junior year, bright fresh spring day, coming back to my apartment in UP after a short day of classes... don't know why, but without fail it takes me there.

The Juice said...

1. thanks, although I should go ahead and admit that its not all mine. its also tim inwoods. and his sister holly was in town. we thought it was funny.

2. yes i did take all those. the fox one is 5 different frames that I sticthed together. took some work since I didn't plan on stiching them when i took them, but it worked out.

3. which caedman's album is that??

The Future said...

haha- awesome fox picture- I saw that and was like, "Do foxes travel in packs? Do they always space themselves out like that?"

So yeah, you got me. Nice.