Friday, April 20, 2007

I've Decided

So during Opening Day, I had the question posed to me, which MLB stadium was my favorite?

I honestly could not answer. None of them I liked THAT much more than others. I mean Fenway and Wrigley are nice, but not very fan friendly in the sense that its impossible to get tickets to, and they are 50 bucks each if you do find some available. Not to mention the fact that the Red Sox and Cubs play there. That should discount them automatically.

So yesterday, baking in the Colorado sun, I decided Coors Field is my favorite. For real. Just kind of happens that I live in the same town. Here are a few reasons why:

- They let you bring anything, except alcohol and glass bottles, in with you. (So bring your own sodas!)

-AFFORDABLE tickets (I've paid a combined $8 for two games)

-Beautiful Mountain Views from almost anywhere in the stadium

-Eco-Friendly Solar Panels in outfield

-Upon construction, dinosaur fossils were found beneath the stadium. (therefore the mascot is a triceratops)

-Downtown location, opposed to middle of nowhere locations of Kaufmann stadium, Shea...well, we'll stop there, there are too many.

-Doesn't the name "Coors Field" have a nice ring to it? I mean its no "Great American Ballpark" but its a whole lot better than most corporately sponsored stadiums.

-Relief pitchers warm up in the forest. (For real, I couldn't find a picture, but theres a lot of rock and trees out there, so many you can't see the catcher as they warm up.)

-Friendly ushers. Twice in a row I was allowed to sit in $30 seats with a $4 ticket.

-I've yet to see a beach ball at the stadium. Hate those things.

- One of the best scorecards in the business. Trust me.

-Even during the summer, be sure to bring a light jacket if you are attending a night game.

Ok thats it. I'm sure I could think of more, but I've got Mono. But I'm still going camping this weekend.


The Future said...

Never been to a game there, but it does look beautiful from the outside. I've always wanted to go to a game there, even had a Rockies coat growing up that I wore all the time.

I've wanted to go to Camden Yards too.

kenny [ ] said...

Ok, your mono is apparently screwing with your rationale... everyone knows that it's not all about the modern comforts and convenience. Baseball is about history and tradition - therefore your choices are limited to either 1.Yankee Stadium (my fav.) 2. Wrigley Field 3. Fenway or 4. Camden Yards. Pick one. :)

The Juice said...

no its not about conveniences. thats why i left out every ballpark with a hot tub. its about the joy I get by watching a game there. yankee stad IS full of tradition, unfortunately its in the AL , in a horrible neighborhood , the YANKEES play there, the stadium architecture is bland at best, and the yankees play there. though i do like the fact that I don't have to drive my car there. (i can take the bus to coors in 7 minutes.)

wrigley and fenway are one in the same. awesome fields, but full of drunks and it costs WAY too much just to get in. plus never enjoyed the fans of those teams.

camden is a great park, been there once. its definitely up there. love the warehouse. I honestly dont' have anything against it. its in my top 5. but theres no history there. it was built in 92. so i dunno where you got that.

jch said...

Been to Camdem. Nothing particularly special about it as it was the first to explore modern conveniences. Many others followed suit.

JJ, how can you say "Coors Field" has a nice ring to it when inherent in the name is a corporation. Boo! I can't believe you're going all corporate on me. Geez!

I'm with Kenny: nothing beats Yankee Stadium (named after the team and not a corporation) and the tradition there. Nothing! I'll be sad to say goodbye in 2009 but will be ready to celebrate many more World Champion victories in our new house! Have the Rockies ever done that? :)

The CineManiac said...

Maybe it's simply because I'm a huge Dodgers fan, but Dodgers Stadium in the Chavez Ravine, is my favorite stadium. Sure I've only been to a few stadiums, but this one has it all.
It's got History, it's currently 45 years old, it houses the greatest team in Baseball, and one of the oldest teams around The Dodgers. It was privately financed, which means no commercial sponsors. It's the only current MLB park (excluding the most recently-built parks) that has never changed it's capacity, always holding 56,000 fans. Looking past outfield you can see the San Gabriel Mountains.
There have been nine no-hitters thrown here, including 2 Perfect Games (Koufax in 1965 and Dennis Martinez in 1991)
Need I say more?