Friday, April 13, 2007

Spread Too Thin

I think I may be spreading myself too thin. We're beginning a change of recreation season, and I've got so many things that I want to do. I've met some new friends recently at church who are just as gung-ho for outdoor sports as I am. But maybe its not such a good thing. The first thing we've done together is take kayak lessons. Right off the bat they stuck us in the kayak and turned us upside down.

Anyways, so theres another sport that I'm interested in. The main problem with this is money. I got the idea for this blog because I was browsing online for kayaking equipment and was saddened to see 400 dollar dry tops, 100 dollar gloves, and on and on, and that didn't include the 700 dollar kayak. Not that I was surprised.

All these sports are expensive. Theres no way I can do it all. Should I focus on just one or two sports? Right now I'm excited to wander into the mountains by myself on a warm day, find a scenic overlook, pitch a tent and hang up a hammock.

So now that I think about it, the answer is easy. But living in such an outdoor community, its hard not to get sucked into every single sport out there.

On wednesday my new friends, Trey and Danna, called me and told me they were skipping out on work to get in a day of skiing.

Maybe they aren't such good friends to have after all.

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Brown Sugar said...

i'm sure they are great friends, but you gotta draw the line somewhere...i'd love to have all my own ski, biking, climbing, and kayaking, gold panning, scuba, backpacking, and extreme camping equipment, but i just can't get it all in just a few short have done some pretty cool stuff..i think it's time you do some more seeing and learning as these things take time and you would need more than one day, but you get more consecutive days off work than i suggest you go to some places.......go the the black canyon of the gunnison (nearly as deep as the grand canyon), go see the awesome marble quarry in Marble, Colorado........go visit the hotties at the biological laboratory town of Gothic, Colorado.....go see the ghost town of Independence (on the Independence Pass).....go to Leadville..the highest official city in the nation (and camp at Baby Doe campground).......go to Great Sanddunes...they are freakin sweet (try to take the midnight hike across the ridge)....Estes Park is sweet.....oh...and drive the Million dollar highway between Durango and Silverton (or take the train).......ok, i'm done now...sorry...i was just bringing back some'm gonna try to at least visit you (maybe in between jobs should i start another job soon)