Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Back In focus

I just spoke to my father who said "jeremy, your blogs are getting short these days." i know. It's because i'm getting lazy. And he mentioned some RANDOM guy who has been checking this thing every day to see if I'm going to post something on Virginia Tech. Not really my realm, so I'm not going to.

But, cliche excuse, i've been busy. I moved to Golden, CO, in with a girl..YES GIRL...that i just met on craigslist..YES, CRAIGSLIST...well..ok move is too strong of a word, my stuff is now sitting in her garage... but its awesome, situated 2 blocks from downtown and 1 block from a park. But i also had MONO..MONO!!! again (103 degree fever) so was out of commission for a while, i actually called in sick for the second time in 2 1/2 years. but it was good timing because it gave me time to move. I've developed a new love interest (a girl, not another outdoor sport) , and now i'm preparing to ride in the 42 mile "5 Boro Bike Ride" with my pal Joe Hays in New York City. Its my first ride. I've become entrenched in this sport. I even just bought toe clips for my mountain bike. awesome. I just hope I can get out of them. (Jason I promise I'll be SUPER...DUPER careful with your bike)

Right now I'm in Boise, Id where i just bought this 2.50 t-shirt that says "boise idaho east all stars" from the local thrift store because i left home without realizing I only have 1 shirt. so now I have 2. And I'm working with a spectacular crew. Just to sum it up, I made a bet with Howard that if the lakers won tonight, I'd have to do 20 pushups in the middle of the aisle during a flight tomorrow. If they lose, he has to do them. I just hope I can do that many.

I just wish when I logged into blogger it said "Zach has visited today" or "Jonathan has visited today." gives me more motivation. I've considered taking a hiatus, but i'm afraid people won't come back. So I'm not. Plus a hiatus from what? telling people about fun trips and exciting adventures? I honestly enjoy it.

And I love this blabbing on and rambling. Kind of entertaining. I'm thinking that the title of this post was all wrong, because this thing has not a lick of focus.



Brown Sugar said...

I think you got some words mixed up i think "(a girl, not another outdoor sport)" was supposed to read "(not a girl, but another outdoor sport)"...just a guess...but i'm glad you are still posting...i just haven't got myself to get back with it

Anonymous said...

Your parents' scary friends from Texas are still reading..... so keep them coming.
B and L Miller

The CineManiac said...

the real question is the new love interest the girl you moved in with?
BTW what's the name of your new car officially?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jeremy, that is the question you need to clarify... so I don't have to explain this to all my friends. Hope you had a great time in NYC.
Hi B and L.

The Juice said...

sometimes i dont' get you guys. there is absolutely no insinuation that my new love interest is my new roommate. none. so no, its not my new roommate. nothing else to say about that.