Thursday, May 31, 2007

I have a stomach ache

ok.....DEEP BREATH....

I'm going to try to re-tell this story here, but its not going to be easy because I'd rather not re-live the experience. But I...the story must be told.

I am the proud owner of a 2006 Subaru Forester. His name is Drake. I love that car. It's a lot like me, small, spry, yet tough. My car speaks to me. No seriously. One day I had gotten off of work and as I approached him, I swear I could here him say "dude, where ya been? Lets go for a ride!"

Anyways, Drake is currently in surgery. He has the equivavelt of what happened to my face in college when I got plastered by the softball. Unfortunately his face might need a little more work to fix.

So yesterday I was at the U-Haul store because I was looking into putting a tow hitch on it. I thought I could find it cheaper, so I left to shop around. I have to turn left onto a 4-lane highway, and I saw a large truck with what looked like a large trailer coming down the road. He started slowing down, then came to a stop, obviously wanting to turn where I was. And he was letting me out. So I start pulling out into the highway, and unfortunately I could see NOTHING of what was in the other lane behind the truck, and as I pulled out out of nowhere came this white subaru outback. I slammed on my brakes, he slammed on his brakes, then swerved left to avoid me. For a second I thought he had missed me, but then I heard the gut-wrenching crunch.

My first thought is "ok, I'm ok, this doesn't look too bad..." But then it hit me.." THIS IS MY NEW CAR!! NOOOOOOOOO!"

We pull over to the lot across the street, which was a transmission shop, and made sure we were both ok, (we were) and called the cops. In the meantime, I had fluids leaking from under my bumper. The Transmission shop guy told me that if its coolant, I can't drive it because it will burn the engine up. But upon closer inspection it was merely my washer fluid. YOU CAN HAVE THE WASHER FLUID.

The other guy was really nice considering the fact I had just pulled out in front of him. He was on his way to pick up his father at the airport. As he put it: "man, I ALMOST missed you."

Anyways, the damage appeared to be mostly asthetic. I popped the hood, engine looked unharmed, and it was running fine. But my bumper was about to fall off and the grill was sitting in the middle of the street.

So the cops arrived, and we went through the motions of an accident. I ended up getting a ticket for failing to yield, but the Sherriff only did it because he had too. He completely understood what had happened and that there was no way I could see in that other lane. But it was still my fault. I should have let that big STUPID truck turn before me.

So now I was determined to take care of this myself. No calling people for help, and especially no calling mom and dad. this was my problem.

I called the insurance, and they got the ball rolling. Funny exchage of the day.

"State farm insurance this is margo."

"hi margo, this is jeremy jackson, how are you today?"

"good! how are you?"

"oh, i'm doing good, I just got in an accident."

"well...THAT isn't good!!!"

The Transmission shop told me there was a body shop next door and they could take a look at the damage for me. I went straight there, and the guy, who was a gentlemanly family man, took a look. He assessed everything and pointed out how a lot of the supports had been knocked crooked. I asked a lot of questions, then had him duck tape my bumper so it wouldn't fall off on the way home. then took my $4,700 estimate and left.

1 block down the street, there was a subaru dealership. So naturally I pulled in and asked if they recommended any body shops. So he called the guy they use, and he met me there within 20 minutes. As we spoke, I got my head on straight that maybe I should let my insurance send somone out to look at it first. But as it happened, the guys that were with me now had a state farm qualified guy at their shop. So i called the insurance and got the ok to go to that shop.

On the way there, I passed the accident site, and saw my grill still on the street. If it weren't a dumb thing to stop in the middle of the road just to get hit again, I would have picked it up.

But as it were, I took it to the shop, where the folks there really took care of me. Since I'm going on vacation, I dont' need a car, just a way to get home. So they gave me a ride 25 minutes down the road.

Within 3 hours of the accident, my car was already being taken care of at the shop. Not too bad.

So really, all things considered, its not so bad. I just have to pay my deductable (after seeing a 4700 dollar bill, I'll gladly pay my deductable) And by the time I get back from vacation, Drake should be out of surgery and back to normal.

I'm going on vacation



Brown Sugar said...

glad it's all worked out so far.....I'll be getting a new car soon. I haven't been in an real accident since my senior year of high school so I hope i don't start up again.

Houston said...

Having witnessed the softball/face accident your car crash does not sound nearly as bad!

laura g said...

awwww, Drake!