Sunday, May 27, 2007

I just bought new bicycle pedals. And they will be the death of me.

You see, they are clip-in pedals. They horrify you at first, because you become attached to the bike...and it attached to you. The only way to get out is to do a nifty little sideways swing of your foot. Unfortunately this takes some getting used to.

The last two times I've been out mountain biking, I've fallen over on my bike probably 12 times. I'm trying to climb up a hill, when I stall, and as my bike comes to a standstill, I dump over because I'm not able to get out of my pedals.

Two of these times were slightly embarrassing. I can handle falling over when I'm by myself...but..once I was coming down the mountain when I pulled over to allow another biker the right of way coming up. As I pulled over, I yelled out "go ahead!!" and immediately.. I crash onto the ground, feet still in the pedals. I'm sure the other guy was thinking, "who is this joker?"

And 2 days ago I had just crossed a street, and I downshifted as I began to climb a hill. Unfortunately my chain popped off, my bike goes nowhere, except falling over, with me still in my pedals. And to make matters worse, There was a line of cars that had seen me.

I actually had a perfect imprint of my gear on my arm, formed by the grease. It was a perfect representation of my crashing ways. Unfortunately when I took the picture I was unaware of the fact that my card was not in the that picture was lost.

Which leads me into another story. I call this a photographers nightmare.

we were landing in chicago, and a storm had just blown through. so i'm sitting in my fav seat (row 17, FO side, window) which is just behind the wing. below the tip of the wing i notice a small portion of a rainbow. pretty cool, nothing to get super excited about. and anyways i had put my camera in the overhead.

so about a minute later, the rainbow seems to explode. it was amazing. i felt like if my window were open i could reach out and grab it. it stretched to the top all the way to the bottom of my field of vision. and it was following us. so i literally climbed OVER the guy next to me, stood ON THE SEAT, and retreived my camera from the overhead. in a hurry, i whipped it out and started firing away. the rainbow seemed to cut right through the wing.

so as i'm taking pictures, i started looking down at the lcd screen. i checked it once...twice...then i finally noticed the words that were popping up on the screen:


I almost yelled out an obscenity. my cf card was in my cardreader in my backpack, from when i had transferred previous photos to my laptop. my backpack was laying at my feet. so as quickly as i could I snatched it up and stuck it back in the camera. by that time the rainbow had diminished significantly. still cool, but yeah..NOT as cool as it could have been.

and sucks i'm trying to win a photo contest at work. I think that may have done it.



Anonymous said...

I know the nightmare, and I've had plenty. Don't get me started about missed pictures. But here's a tip that might help. Check your camera's manual for a preference where the camera won't fire unless there is a card present. You could still miss pictures, but you won't be firing away thinking you're getting the shot. You'll know right away to scramble for the card.

Brown Sugar said...

I'm sorry jeremy...I bet it was an amazing thing to see....that only thing that could have made it better is if I were riding the rainbow.

Shea said...

adam's comment sounds like something you'd see in a skittles commercial.