Friday, June 29, 2007

Call of the Wild

I was reading the USA Today recently when I ran across a small blurb about a family who had been camping, and their small child ended up being mauled and killed by a bear. It was an unfortunate tragedy, one that should keep us all beware of the dangers of the wild. Once we head off into the wilderness, we enter someone else's territory.

However, the tragedy does not end here. In order to deal with the situtation, the bear was then tracked, hunted and killed. Murdered, more like it.

Heres a practice that I don't understand and that I don't agree with. People need to understand that when a bear or other wild animal gets hungry, it is possible that we may be a part of its diet. Though not likely, it should be an inherent danger in camping.

Unfortunately the wild animal is then treated as a criminal, as if it is now mentally defective and it is assumed that he will all of a sudden start wondering the midnight streets of downtown denver making a meal of every passerby.

NO, YOU infringed on HIS territory, HIS habitat, and being the hungry bear he was, he ate. He's got what is called ANIMAL INSTINCT, which is to LIVE. And we're not about to teach bears to go to the grocery store.

There was a story in the past year about a community in California that was slowly extending closer and closer to a mountain lion habitat. Suddenly, the big cats started showing up the resident's backyards. Seeing the danger, they arranged to have the Mountain Lions killed to keep their children safe. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

I'm really curious about who decides to kill off these animals and why they chose to do so, because it makes absolutely no sense to me. Does anyone agree? Or am I just sounding like a PETA member???



JonGrubbs said...

You do sound like a PETA member. But not a crazy one. I agree. You'd think with all the wide open places to live in this country, there'd be a place where the worst you could do is disturb the earthworms.

Still, I'd like to see bears shopping at Kroger and standing in line pissed because the checker is talking too much to the customer.

laura g said...

at the risk of sounding like a fellow PETA member, i don't think the critters should be killed in such situations. yep, it is tragic that the kid was mauled and so are all the other stories of such incidents, but seriously. we are in their territory. what ever happened to relocating them? that's what they do in gatlinburg to the bears that start hanging out at the local restaurant dumpsters. they just tag them and go drop them off deeper in the national park. (at least that's what they say they do.)

i dont see why we can immediately kill bears who dont know any better, but we CAN'T get around to killing the vicious, intentional humans who are actually convicted violent criminals on death row.

laura g said...

by the way, i remember on one of our family vacations, i was down at the hotel pool and saw an adult bear and a little cub waltz out of the forest and straight to the dumpster. the little one climbed up and fell right in. it was the highlight of the whole trip.