Thursday, June 14, 2007


I've been on vacation, and after enjoying an extended visit with my folks down in the sweltering and formidable june heat of Louisiana, I was excited to depart for what was sure to be an adventure into some of the nations richest history: Nantucket, Massachusetts.

You see, we fly nowhere near Nantucket, so I was forced to hitch a ride on the Peter Pan bus. From the Providence T.G. Green airport it was a 3 hour bus ride down to hyannis, then another 2 hour ferry ride across the sound to Nantucket.

It was quite a feat, but I arrived in Nantucket, 10:30pm, merely 15 hours after I had left New Orleans. For real, I was lucky to get there that fast.

I was there to see my friend Tyler whom I went to ACU with...oh so many years ago. Ok, truth be told, we barely knew each other at ACU (and that is even pushing it), but we've re-connected recently through a mutual friend. Shes there for the summer working as a tour guide on the island.

And I'll apologize for the CRAPPY photos from this trip. I was truly disappointed with almost every single shot..even the ones I was excited about...sucked. I think I was intimidated by Tyler's photography talents. For real.

Moving on.

Since I was in the company of a real life Professional Nantucket tour guide, most of our time was spent touring the historical societies...historic...sites...and they were all historically fantastic. The whaling museum had great presentations on whale hunts (thanks Marsha!!) and the experience of the Essex, which inspired the novel Moby Dick. I ran right out and bought a 2 dollar copy at the local thrift store. We saw the Hadwin House, the original home of a whaling merchant, and also Tyler's home, then the oldest working corn mill, then the oldest house (built in 1686!...we we're still almost 100 years away from being a country!). I spent every morning assisting Tyler in opening the Old Gaol (a jail) and the hose cart house (a fire station). Ok, I take that back, I didn't really help..mostly just watched.

To be completely honest, it was all completely phenomenal. It's the only town where the locals have to four-wheel through downtown...since its all still cobblestoned.

I stayed at the hostel across the island, and on the first morning while I was beginning what was to be a 3 mile walk to Tyler's, a nice Ukranian lady offered me a ride downtown. I accepted, and other than the fleeting awkward moment when her husband drove past us and waved (I'm sure she got questioned when she got home) and the stop to pick up her Bolivian cronies, it was very pleasant. They actually told me that it was unusual to see a young American on the island. It's filled with foreigners, especially the Irish.

I told her I wanted coffee, and she dropped me off at the local downtown coffee shop. Btw, other than a Ralph Lauren shop, theres not a single chain store, including restaurants, on the entire island. Doesn't make it easy on the pocketbook, but it is refreshing on the senses.

Everyone there was superbly nice, people said good morning to me on the streets (well that person ended up being one of Tyler's roommates...shes from texas) but STILL everyone was nice.

Tyler reading a book in a super cool chair at the Library...I would have read a lot more as a child had I had a chair like this.
One of the bikes we rented for the 2 days..YES, that IS a basket on front...I had to have something to carry around Moby Dick.

This is the dog that hung out at the library..he had a Nantucket t-shirt on, and the librarian would occasionally give him a she is now.

Frolicking among the flowers

Tuesday afternoon I drug Tyler on a distance bike ride up to Great Point, the farthest northeast corner of Nantucket. It took us an hour to get out there, then we got harassed by the patrol guard about our bikes because apparently its a problem since we didn't have four-wheel drive on them. From here on out we had to hike the dunes. We never got to the point since it would have been a 5 1/2 mile hike, but we got to the beach, where we spotted a seal.

I wish I had a zoom!!!

That evening I decided I wasn't leaving town without some Cod (I'm in Cape Cod for goodness sakes!) and we hit up a local cafe with her roommate. It was fantastic. Then we watched a horrible movie in Georgia Rule. Okay, I have to explain. Nantucket has a theater that plays only 1 movie at a time. It a really neat theater, but for real..whoever decided Georgia Rule was better than everything else out there...has some issues. Lindsay Lohan basically played herself, if that gives you an clues.

I departed the next morning and began what ended up a 12 hour trip back to Chicago.

Vacation is now officially over. It's time to put my nose back to the grindstone!

P.S. I used that last saying because it comes from the guys back in the day...who grind the corn in the mill.


Griswold said...

There once was a man from Nantucket...

Tyler said...

hey! i need some of those pictures!