Thursday, June 07, 2007

Picture Time

I've recently learned how to turn my photos into "Ansel Adams type" photos. I'm addicted to it. Above is an example.

I had something to say here, but I got called out to assist my dad with the car. It was kind of a Wonder Years moment. "Hey Jeremy, why don't you go help your father with the truck?" In all honesty, I'm only good for holding the light. And I'm really no good at that. Sad and pathetic I am. So I've forgotten what I had come here to say.

SO, I'm gonna do what I should have been doing ever since my nephew was born back in september: posting pictures of him. For those who don't know, his name is Austin and in New Jersey, just north of Atlantic City. So enjoy!

This one (above) is my personal favorite


Katie said...

Super cute little nephew--even with the green stuff coming out of his mouth!

I love the ansel adams effect--what's your secret? Are you going to enter a picture in the SWA photo contest??? come on, the deadline is fast approaching!

Lauren said...

That first picture is breathtaking!

Oh and just to let you know... I think YOU are evil.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nephew,
Those are some cute picture of my FAVORITE GREAT NEPHEW!!!!
Keep those pictures of Austin coming.
Uncle Don